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Countermeasures And Suggestions For Laboratory Equipment Management And Maintenance(Three)

December 31, 2019

4. Sound technical file of instruments and equipment

â‘  Establishment and storage of files The equipment administrator shall assist the data administrator to establish the equipment file. The preliminary purchase survey data, purchase contract, equipment acceptance form, and random instructions received by the equipment administrator shall be handed over to the file management department in time to ensure complete procedures . Proper management and sound analysis of the files will enable better use of these devices and prolong their service life. Therefore, after each test is completed and the test equipment is cleaned, a corresponding record must be made. This approach is not only a way to maintain the equipment, but also provides convenience when finding the cause of the problem in the future. After the files have been established, the management personnel need to manage them in different categories to facilitate the search of related information in the future.

â‘¡ The file should have content The technical file of large-scale precision instruments, including project demonstration materials, instructions, operating procedures, daily operation of attached instruments, etc. In order to ensure the normal operation of large-scale instruments and equipments, the file management of the instruments and equipments must be done well. Large-scale instruments are used normally after purchase, installation, and acceptance. The relevant materials are classified into archives. The establishment of instrument files mainly includes technical files, instrument use records, maintenance records, etc. This is to ensure the efficient operation of the instrument and technical transformation. Aspect. In order to ensure that the instrument is in the best technical state, the details of each use of the instrument must also be registered in the special book, recording the user, the content of use, the number of hours the machine is turned on, the use of the operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, damage and reasons In some cases, the test data is kept in the archives. Only strict file management can ensure the integrity of the equipment and improve the use efficiency. The borrowing of files must have written records, and it is the responsibility of the person to avoid loss.

â‘¢ Equipment files should have maintenance records Every maintenance and repair should be documented, such as problems found during maintenance of equipment, failure phenomena during maintenance of equipment, ideas for solution, and final diagnosis conclusions and treatment methods. Attach importance to the study of equipment electrical and mechanical principle drawings. For drawings that are frequently called, it is necessary to cover the film to ensure that it is clean and visible and not polluted by oil on-site maintenance. Each instrument and equipment must also be provided with instrument maintenance and maintenance records and instrument use records, when a certain instrument has any failures and repairs, make a record on the instrument maintenance and maintenance records for the normal operation and daily routine of the instrument Maintenance provides detailed archives.

5. Maintenance team building

Spectrophotometer supplier believes that to ensure the normal operation of test instruments and equipment, not only must have sufficient maintenance funds, but also to ensure the timeliness of equipment maintenance, relying on manufacturers to repair, which is costly and time-consuming. Therefore, this The unit should gradually train its own maintenance team and carry out regular maintenance on the equipment. The equipment authority should formulate a year-round instrument and equipment maintenance plan based on the actual situation. This will not only save money, but also ensure the real-time nature of the repair. The establishment of a concise and efficient maintenance team is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the instrument. Regularly provide technical training to technicians and managers to improve maintenance skills and management levels, and continuously accumulate maintenance experience through practice.

Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzer

5. Pay attention to the purchase of consumables and maintenance spare parts The consumables purchased with imported instruments are often imported original consumables. Considering that the test data is accurate and not affected, you can try to use domestic consumables and spare parts to reduce testing costs. Such as 0.01g electric precision balance, moisture analyzer, currently have stable performance of domestic alternative consumables, the price is much lower than imported consumables. For maintenance spare parts that are frequently used, spare parts should be available to reduce the time and cost of purchasing when a problem occurs. The management and maintenance of laboratory equipment can not only improve the standardization of laboratory equipment management and further improve the effective utilization rate of laboratory equipment, but also strengthen the safety management of laboratory equipment, which is important for the successful completion of the test. . Establishing strict rules and regulations for the management and maintenance of laboratory equipment and instruments is of great significance for ensuring the quality of the test [5]. Comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of management personnel, strengthen the sense of responsibility of operators, and improve the instrument maintenance files, not only solve the problems of high maintenance requirements, heavy tasks, and tight time, but also save costs and increase the use of test equipment. Efficiency provides a strong guarantee for the construction of a scientific, fair, accurate and efficient testing service platform.

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