Notes For Operation Of Electronic Precision Balance

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I. Operation in normal use

1. The Electric Scale Precision Balance should be placed on a stable working table. If it is fixed, it is better not to move casually.

2. Can not use sharp objects (such as pencil, ballpoint pen) button, can only use the finger button.

3. Do not let the measured object fall onto the scale from the height. Please handle it gently to avoid damaging the weighing mechanism of the scale.

II.Pay attention to the use of balance environment

1. The work table should be far away from doors and Windows, should be set in the place affected by less vibration interference, should be away from magnetic objects or other magnetic field interference.

2. The balance from Electronic Balance Supplier uses high-precision electromagnetic balance and other sensors and microcomputer processing technology, so please do not put it in the environment with radioactive or corrosive substances.

3. The studio should be kept dry and hygienic. The balance should not be used in the environment with high humidity or dust for a long time.

4. Best environment temperature balance to the use of the 20 + / - 5 ℃, the best humidity for 50-60% RH.

 Electronic Scale Precision Balance

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