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Problems in the management and maintenance of laboratory equipment

December 03, 2019

With the continuous improvement of the country's requirements for product quality, the detection technology has also developed rapidly, advanced instruments and equipment have continuously emerged, and old equipment has been continuously upgraded and replaced. At the same time, modern testing technology is moving towards a multi-disciplinary cross-infiltration and multi-disciplinary intelligence-intensive direction .

1. Equipment is poorly maintained

Most chemical testing equipment are precision instruments. Not only do test operators need to use them, but they also need to understand the basic principles of the instrument, precautions for use, and storage environment of the instrument, so that the failure rate of the instrument will be reduced. For example, the single yarn tenacity machine commonly used in the textile laboratory and the universal material testing machine used for peeling and bursting test, the lead screw of the mechanical part needs to be frequently oiled and maintained. maintenance. There are also a large number of used optical instruments. The UV-visible spectrophotometer is a precision optical instrument. The optical lens is accurately positioned. The storage environment must be dustproof, shockproof and moistureproof. Vibration or continuous micro-vibration, no strong magnetic field, relative humidity of 40% to 80%, no corrosive gas, no organic or inorganic gas causing ultraviolet absorption, and less dust.

If the optical instruments are stored in a general laboratory, the mirror surface will become damp and moldy in a humid environment. In some laboratories, optical analysis instruments are located near centrifuges or oscillators, so that the operator can perform optical analysis on samples after the centrifugation process. Shocked or shattered. During the maintenance process, it was found that there were many problems such as this, and the instrument management was not paid much attention, which had a greater impact on the testing and increased the workload of the maintenance staff and the maintenance costs.

Visible Spectrophotometer

2. Instrument lacks maintenance files

After purchasing, installing, and accepting the test instruments for normal use, all relevant materials must be classified into archives, and instrument files must be established. The archives mainly include technical data such as contracts, instruction manuals, etc. After the equipment reaches the corresponding department, there should be corresponding instrument use records, maintenance records, and maintenance records, but sometimes it will form "heavy purchase, light maintenance; heavy use, light management ", Not paying enough attention to the use of maintenance and repair records. For example, viscosity analyzers are used more frequently in the laboratory. During maintenance, it was found that due to improper maintenance, the operator did not dry the splashed water or chemicals in time after use, which corroded the circuit board of the instrument and caused the entire circuit Board replacement not only prolongs maintenance time, but also delays use and increases costs. Many instruments have been repaired, because of the tight maintenance time and many tasks, they are often neglected to record maintenance, which is not conducive to statistics utilization rate, and it is not convenient for newly recruited maintenance personnel to query faults and replace parts. Maintenance efficiency of related faults.

3. Old equipment cannot meet the requirements of proficiency testing

The CNAS laboratory's competency certification program has different projects almost every year. The strength of the unit is tested through laboratory comparisons. Generally, large-scale instruments such as lab scales precision balances in the laboratory are expensive because they are usually the focus of maintenance. Therefore, the service life It is also long, so there is a problem that can meet the requirements of the inspection standard for the instrument, but for the data after the proficiency test, the old equipment usually gets out of place unsatisfactory conclusions.

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