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Countermeasures and suggestions for laboratory equipment management and maintenance(one)

December 16, 2019

1. Manage when purchasing test equipment

The purchase of test equipment is the corresponding purposeful purchase according to the needs of the test, rather than buying a lot of equipment. According to the needs of laboratory tests, based on the addition of basic test equipment, carefully choose the equipment that needs to be purchased. Parameters of test equipment. This is a hard index when making purchases-the technical parameters and accuracy of the test equipment are related to the final result of the test. If an accident caused by the test equipment occurs during the test, the test will fail. Therefore, in the procurement of test equipment, they must be required to meet the relevant national parameters in quality before the next operation.

There are three aspects to determining the performance parameters when selecting equipment:

â‘ Comparison with the general models on the market. Whether the parameters of the universal model meet the testing needs can be obtained through market research.

â‘¡ Select according to the technical parameters of the instrument in the inspection standard. The requirements for instrument performance and accuracy in the standard are important parameters for investigating purchased equipment.

â‘¢Comparison and selection with instruments purchased in similar precision balance suppliers.

You can consult the instruments purchased by peer laboratories with similar testing items, because with a period of experience, you can better understand the performance and after-sale of the instrument. In addition, you can also consult a metrological verification agency. Because such units often issue calibration reports, such institutions can provide more accurate data support for the performance of certain types of products.

Choosing a manufacturer with good reputation and quality, the two parties can reach a long-term cooperative relationship if conditions permit. Choosing such a manufacturer not only guarantees the product quality, but also can find suppliers independently when there are some problems with the product. The two parties negotiate to solve the problem amicably and reduce the chance of problems during the test. General equipment in the laboratory, such as thermostatic water baths, electronic balance instruments, select excellent distributors to supply products. Due to the large supply of such products, manufacturers have distributors in the laboratory to supply and after-sales issues. Through such channels, you can get better price discounts by using the sales volume of dealers. In addition, during after-sales maintenance, large distributors usually have a spare parts library in the local area, which can quickly resolve instrument failures. When purchasing higher-priced instruments, usually contact the manufacturer directly to purchase, which can eliminate unnecessary middlemen. For the purchase of expensive imported instruments, public institutions such as scientific research and public welfare often have tax-exempt qualifications. Generally, professional instrument import and export companies are entrusted to handle relevant procedures to improve efficiency.

Electronic Balance

When purchasing instruments, they should also pay attention to their useful lives and precautions, make corresponding records, and perform verification or calibration before putting them into use. For large-scale test equipment, their maintenance may have some troubles. When purchasing these instruments and equipment, pay attention to their precautions, and send someone to carry out corresponding learning and training to reduce their damage in the future use and prolong Their useful life. Some test equipment cannot be put together, for example, some equipment will be magnetic, and some measurement equipment requires higher accuracy. Therefore, when placing the equipment, pay attention to whether they affect each other. For the useful life, the administrator must have a clear record, which is of great significance to the accuracy of the test. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the test equipment, and establish use files and manuals.

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