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What Is a Viscometer?

June 02, 2020

A viscosity meter is a physical property analysis instrument that measures the viscosity of a fluid. Viscosity is a physical property of a fluid substance, and is an important physical parameter that measures the resistance of a liquid to flow. It reflects the internal friction between molecules when a fluid is subjected to external forces. The viscosity of a substance is closely related to its chemical composition. Viscosity measurement is closely related to the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and national defense. It is an important means for industrial process control, improving product quality, saving and developing energy. In physical chemistry, fluid mechanics and other scientific fields, viscosity measurement plays an important role in understanding fluid properties and studying flow conditions.

Principle of Viscometer

Viscometer can be divided into capillary type, rotary type and vibration type according to working mode. According to the working mode, it can be divided into offline viscometer (sampling detection), online viscometer (24 hours continuous measurement), portable viscometer. Viscometer uses the weight generated by a weight through a mechanical transmission system to drive the blade rotor to rotate. Change the weight of the weight to make the paddle-type rotor rotate against the resistance of the paint. When its speed reaches 200r/min, you can see a basically stable bar pattern on the strobe timer. At this time, the weight of the weight can be converted into the viscosity value of the tested paint.\

Viscosity Meter


Application of CPS Industrial Viscometer

In actual engineering and industrial production, it is often necessary to check the viscosity of the fluid online to ensure the best process operating environment and product quality, thereby improving production efficiency. By measuring the viscosity of the liquid in the process of online measurement, the data of the rheological behavior of the liquid can be obtained, which has important guiding value for predicting the process control of the product process, the conveyability and the operability of the product in use. The characteristics of the liquid are often related to the other characteristics of the product such as color, density, stability, solid content and molecular weight changes, and the most convenient and sensitive method to detect these characteristics is to detect the viscosity of the liquid online.

Technical index

Viscosity measurement range: 100,000-100,000 (mPa•s/cP), with optional No. 0 rotor, the lower limit of measurement can reach 1mPa.s/cP.

Speed: 6 rpm, 12 rpm, 30 rpm, 60 rpm (without gear drive).

Number of standard rotors: 4 (1#-4#).

Measurement accuracy: ±1.0% (full scale).

Reproducibility: 0.5% (full scale).

Input voltage: 110V/220V.

Input frequency: 2

Technical advantages

1. Overcome the shortcomings of sampling only once, and realize the technology of single sampling and multiple sampling.

2. High subdivision drives the stepper motor to rotate, the speed is accurate and stable, and the change of AC voltage frequency does not affect the accuracy of measuring viscosity.

3. For thixotropic non-Newtonian liquids, the timing function of the instrument can ensure good consistent data.

4. The stepper motor is directly driven, no noise, convenient speed change, the speed display is clear, the reliability is good, and there is no jitter.

5. The LCD liquid crystal has a blue backlight function, which directly displays the viscosity, speed, percentage torque, and the maximum viscosity value of the rotor at the current speed. The viscosity value shows continuous changes. There is an alarm sound when the measurement range is exceeded.

6. The linear calibration of the computer's full range, the measurement accuracy is ±1.0% of the full range.

7. Switching power adapter, wide power input, good anti-interference.

8. Optional RTD temperature probe, real-time monitoring of sample temperature.

9. Optional RS232 interface, real-time printing of sample measurement data through micro printer, saving labor. Optional accessories Ultra-low viscosity adapter (No. 0 rotor), micro printer, special viscosity constant temperature water tank, RTD temperature probe, standard oil, remote control.

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