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What Should We Pay Attention To When Using The PH Meter?

February 18, 2019

The acidity meter is abbreviated as PH Meter and consists of two parts: the electrode and the main unit. If the electrode can be properly maintained during use, the standard buffer is prepared as required, and the electric meter is properly operated, the pH indication error can be greatly reduced, thereby improving the reliability of chemical experiments and medical test data.

First, the correct use and maintenance of the Precision PH Meter electrode

1. When the composite electrode is not used, it can be fully immersed in 3M potassium chloride solution. Do not dip with washing liquid or other water-absorbing reagents.

2. Check the bulb at the front end of the glass electrode before use. Under normal conditions, the electrode should be transparent without cracks; the bulb should be filled with solution and no bubbles should be present.

3. When measuring a solution with a large concentration, shorten the measurement time as much as possible, and carefully clean it after use to prevent the test solution from adhering to the electrode and contaminating the electrode.

4. After cleaning the electrode, do not wipe the glass film with filter paper, and use filter paper to dry, avoid damage to the glass film, prevent cross-contamination, and affect measurement accuracy.

5. In the measurement, note that the silver-silver chloride internal reference electrode should be immersed in the chloride buffer solution in the bulb to avoid digital jump phenomenon in the display part of the electricity meter. When using, be careful to gently rub the electrode a few times.

6. The electrode should not be used in strong acids, strong bases or other corrosive solutions.

7. It is strictly forbidden to use in dehydrating medium such as absolute ethanol or potassium dichromate.

PH Meter

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