The Maintenance Tips Of The Analyze Balance

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(1) Wear white gloves when operating the Analytical Balance. When picking up the scaled object and adding or subtracting the weight, the lift hub must be closed, otherwise the beam or the lifting lug will be displaced or even dropped, and the knife edge and the knife bearing will be damaged; the switch lifting hub should be light.

(2) The scaled object shall not be placed directly on the balance pan, and the weighing bottle or weighing paper load shall be applied.

(3) When weighing moisture-absorbing or volatile articles, the weighing cap must be tightly closed and the weighing operation should be carried out as soon as possible.

(4) Items that are too cold or too hot cannot be weighed on the balance. They should be cooled in the desiccator to room temperature and weighed.

(5) The object and weight should be placed in the middle of the plate.

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Analytical Balance


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