How to operate viscometer correctly

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1. Make sure the machine maintain a horizontal state
2. Selecting the rotor is according to the measurement range of spindles and the viscosity range of measured sample. Then choose the right spindle.
3. Using left hand to gently hold and pinch mandrel (the host machine) when connect the rotor, and rotate the rotor by right hand. This operation is to protect and gossamer mandrel inside, which can extend the life of the instrument.
4. When the rotor put into the sample liquid, which should avoid air bubbles, otherwise measured value will reduce. The way to avoid is to tilt the rotor into the sample, then install the rotor. The rotor can not touch the wall and the bottom of the cup. The sample must cover the mark.
5. Measuring different samples, the rotor must keep clean and dry. If there is other sample or water, it will affect the accuracy of measurement
6. PH value of sample is not more than 2. If PH is too big, please choose special rotor. When using ULA, need to determine the amount of sample. ( only 16ml)
7. According to the viscosity choose the standard solution. Make calibration before using viscometer or calibration periodic.
8. Reading when the value stable or there will be big error.

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