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Use of Moisture Analyzer

July 28, 2020

Through the use of a Moisture Analyzer to monitor and check, it is found that the appropriate amount of soil moisture content in the cultivation process of dry rice will have a certain impact on the quality. Proper drought can improve the quality of dry rice. A moderate soil Water stress can increase the protein content of upland rice, decrease the amylose content, and significantly improve the nutritional quality of cooking. Therefore, in the process of planting upland rice, do not blindly ask for sufficient water content, but appropriately control the water content to ensure the quality and taste of upland rice.

The soil moisture meter can record the five parameters of soil temperature, soil moisture, atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity, and dew point in real time. The USB1.1 communication interface communicates with the computer. The special data download software can directly measure the soil moisture value, but also The measured water content data is stored in real time, and the data can be exported by connecting with the computer. The software has storage and printing functions (software gift) and GPS positioning function. Through the use of the rapid soil moisture analyzer, the optimal moisture content for upland rice planting can be known, thereby improving the yield and quality of upland rice. In agricultural production, it can be used to clearly know the water demand of crops and guide agricultural irrigation work.

 Moisture Analyzer


In addition, the quality of flour is not only affected by the storage environment, season, and storage time, but also by moisture. The high moisture content of wheat and the good toughness of bran flakes improve the processing precision of flour, improve the pink color, accurate net content, and small shortage. But this will also bring disadvantages, such as not easy to store, easy to cause flour cakes, insects and even mildew. Since changes in the moisture content of flour will lead to changes in the net content, in order to effectively control the moisture balance and avoid the negative impact of moisture on the net content and quality of flour, it is necessary to strengthen the detection of the moisture content of the flour.

Flour rapid moisture detector adopts the principle of loss-on-drying method, and uses high-quality ring-shaped lamps to dry the sample quickly and evenly, and the moisture of the sample is continuously dried. Throughout the measurement process, the instrument automatically displays the measurement results in real time: sample weight, water content, measurement time, heating temperature, etc. The principle of the international oven drying method is applied, and the measurement results are in good agreement with the moisture determination of the oven method, but the work efficiency is much higher than that of the moisture determination of the oven method. Generally, the measurement of the sample only takes a few minutes.

Moisture analyzer can detect the moisture content of various organic and inorganic solids, liquids, gases and other samples. The instrument is called moisture analyzer. According to the measurement principle, it can be classified into two categories: physical measurement method and chemical measurement method. The commonly used physical determination methods include weight loss method, distillation stratification method, gas chromatography analysis method, etc., chemical determination methods mainly include Karl Fischer method (Karl Fischer), toluene method, etc., the International Organization for Standardization refers to Karl Fischer method It is set as the international standard for measuring trace moisture, and our country also sets this method as the national standard for measuring trace moisture.

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