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Precautions For Using Electronic Balance

May 26, 2021

Precautions For Using Electronic Balance

(1) Place the electronic balance on a stable workbench, avoid direct sunlight, avoid heating and air conditioning, avoid magnetic equipment, and avoid vibration, dust and corrosive gases.

(2) Check the levelness of the electronic balance before use. Adjust the balance leveling feet so that the blisters are on a level surface to ensure a level of balance.

(3) When the electronic balance placed at a lower temperature is moved to a higher temperature workshop, the power supply should be cut off. After the instrument has been placed for 2 hours, it should be installed and switched on. This is to allow the moisture generated by the temperature difference to escape, so as not to affect the instrument.

(4) The precision balance of the electronic scale needs to be warmed up for at least 30 minutes or 1 hour after the first use or long-term power failure. Different precision electronic balances require different warm-up time. Generally, in this case, the higher the precision of the balance, the longer the warm-up time required. Only in this way can the electronic balance obtain accurate weighing results. Therefore, in daily experimental teaching, many students weigh directly after the electronic balance is connected to the power supply, and thus cannot obtain accurate weighing results.

(5) Keep the electronic balance working in a low current state. For example, in use, do not unplug the power transformer every day, but only turn off the power switch of the electronic scale, so that after the electronic scale is turned on the next day, it can be weighed without preheating for a long time.

(6) Weigh volatile and corrosive objects in a closed container to avoid corrosion and damage to the electronic balance. Do not overload the weighing object to avoid damage to the balance.

(7) For electronic balances that have not been used for a long time, they should be energized at regular intervals and preheated for 2 hours each time to keep the electronic components dry and ensure that the balance is always in good use.

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