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The Use Of Electronic Balance

June 24, 2021

The Use Of Electronic Balance

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Electronic balances have become standard equipment in many chemistry departments of high schools and universities. They enable users to quickly and accurately measure the mass of substances to an accuracy that cannot be achieved with traditional balances.

Maintenance of electronic balance

The sensor of the electronic balance is the primary problem of its maintenance.

First of all, dust removal is an indispensable maintenance work for electronic balances. Since the key component sensor of the electronic balance is composed of housing magnets, pole shoes, coils, etc., it is installed under the weighing pan with high precision and high sensitivity. Therefore, the balance room should be kept clean to prevent items from being scattered during weighing and affecting the normal operation of the sensor. Therefore, we must regularly clean up the sanitation of the balance room, as well as the dust and objects scattered in the balance cover, in order to minimize the failure rate of the electronic balance, extend its service life, and save a lot of maintenance costs for each electronic balance. Replacement parts cost. -Generally speaking, the maintenance of electronic balance sensors should start from two aspects.

electric digital scale precision balance

electric digital scale precision balance

(1) Clean the exterior of the dust-removing electronic balance: disconnect the power first, do not use strong detergent, and scrub with a towel soaked in neutral detergent. Take special care not to allow liquid to penetrate into the inside of the instrument. After wiping with a wet towel, dry it with a dry soft towel. The objects or powder falling into the balance cover during the weighing process must be carefully removed with a soft brush or a handheld vacuum cleaner.

(2) Dust removal of internal components of electronic balance: The dust removal of internal components must be operated by professional engineers. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer's repair center. Dust and powder can be seen everywhere due to environmental influences and improper operation when samples are weighed. Under normal circumstances, we must do a good job of dustproof and correct operation of the electronic balance, and must do it very carefully. The quality of the environment where the electronic balance is placed is very important for the maintenance of the balance. The balance room minimizes the generation of dust and prevents damage to the balance caused by improper operation when weighing samples.

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