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What Is the Use of Electronic Balance?

April 24, 2020

Uses of electronic balance - Electronic balances have become standard equipment in many high school and university chemistry departments. They enable users to quickly and accurately measure the quality of substances to achieve accuracy that traditional balances cannot.

Maintenance of electronic balance should also be carried out in the process of use of electronic balance

1. The sensor of the electronic balance is the primary problem of its maintenance

First of all, dust and dust removal is an essential maintenance work for electronic balances. Since the sensor of the key components of the electronic balance is composed of the shell magnet, pole shoes and coils, etc., it is installed under the weighing pan, and its precision is very high and sensitive. Therefore, the balance room should be kept clean, and it should be avoided that items are scattered during weighing and affect the normal operation of the sensor. Therefore, we must regularly clean the sanitation of the balance room, and the dust and objects scattered in the balance cover to minimize the failure rate of the electronic balance and extend its service life, so that each electronic balance saves a lot of maintenance costs and replacement parts cost. -Generally speaking, the maintenance of electronic balance sensors should be from two aspects get on.

(1) Cleaning and dedusting of the outside of the electronic balance: first disconnect the power supply, do not use strong detergent, use a towel soaked in neutral detergent to scrub. Pay special attention not to allow liquid to penetrate the inside of the instrument. After wiping with a wet towel, dry with a dry soft towel. Items or powders that fall into the balance cover during weighing must be carefully removed with a soft brush or hand-held vacuum cleaner.

(2) Dust removal of internal components of electronic balance: The dust removal of internal components must be operated by professional engineers. If there is any problem, please contact the manufacturer's maintenance center. Due to the environmental impact and improper operation when weighing samples, dust and powder are everywhere. Normally, we must do a good job in dustproofing and correct operation of electronic balances, and we must do very meticulously. The quality of the electronic balance placement environment is very important for the maintenance of the balance. The balance room tries to reduce the generation of dust as much as possible, so as to prevent the damage to the balance caused by improper operation when weighing the sample.

Electronic Balance

Electronic Balance

2. Precautions for using electronic balance

(1) Place the electronic balance on a stable workbench, away from direct sunlight, keep away from heating gas and air conditioners, and away from magnetic equipment to avoid vibration, dust, and corrosive gases.

(2) Check the level of the electronic balance before use. Adjust the leveling feet of the balance so that the blisters are in the center of the level to ensure that the balance is level.

(3) When an electronic balance placed at a lower temperature is moved to a higher temperature workshop, the power supply should be cut off, and the instrument should be installed and powered on after being placed for 2 hours. This is to allow the moisture generated due to the temperature difference to escape so as not to affect the instrument.

(4) The electric scale precision balance needs to be warmed up for at least 30 minutes or 1 hour after initial use or after a long period of power off. The warm-up time required for different precision electronic balances is different, generally In this case, the higher the accuracy of the balance, the longer the warm-up time required. Only in this way can the electronic balance obtain accurate weighing results. Therefore, in daily experimental teaching, many students directly weigh the electronic balance after it is connected to the power supply, so that accurate weighing results cannot be obtained.

(5) Keep the electronic balance to work in the state of micro current. For example, do not unplug the power transformer every day under the condition of use, but only turn off the power switch of the electronic balance, so that after the electronic balance is turned on the next day, it can be weighed without a long time preheating.

(6)Weigh volatile and corrosive objects in a closed container to avoid corrosion and damage to the electronic balance. And do not overload the weighing objects to avoid damage to the balance.

(7) For an electronic balance that has not been used for a long time, it should be energized once every period of time, and preheated for 2 hours each time to keep the electronic components dry and ensure that the balance is always in good use.

Weighing scale supplier reminds you that electronic balances play an important role not only in the teaching of chemical experiments, but also in the production practices of other industries. Therefore, the correct use and daily maintenance of the electronic balance should be highly valued. As a valuable teaching equipment, the administrator should fully understand the characteristics of the electronic balance, master the correct operating procedures, and maintain it correctly to prolong the service life of the electronic balance and ensure its continuous weighing accuracy. The data are accurate and reliable, and serve the teaching better.

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