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How to Choose An Electronic Balance?

February 06, 2020

Electronic balance is the latest type of balance developed in the balance. It is one of the weighing instruments commonly used in industrial manufacturing and chemical laboratory. It has the advantages of quick weighing and easy use.

However, there are too many brands of balances. It is also a headache for how to choose 0.01g lab electronic balance. Today I will teach you some simple methods to choose the balance suitable for your use.

0.01g Lab Electronic Balance

0.01g Lab Electronic Balance

1.Positioning type

First you have to determine what accuracy of the waterproof electronic balance you need. There are 0.01g percentiles, 0.001g thousandths. and many more. The most commonly used are the percentile, thousandth and tenth percentiles, and some laboratories or special industries may require the use of one-hundredth-thousandth scales. Once determined, you can narrow down the selection.

2.Workmanship and accessories

When we get the same product, we all look at how beautiful it is. You can see whether the connection of the balance is flat and whether there are gaps. Whether the key design is reasonable and the display is easy to read. Is the weighing pan made of stainless steel? Is the balance frame made of aluminum alloy? Is it equipped with a draft shield? The draft shield can play a certain role in the unstable environment. As long as it is a national standard measuring instrument, the production plant must have (measurement instrument production permit the product must have a certificate, warranty card, instruction manual, and accessories.

3.Response speed and accuracy

The zero point must be stable, and it can return to zero quickly after weighing the item. I don't think anyone wants to buy a balance that reads like a snail. Repeatedly weighing the same items can not show the difference. Linear error check (1/3, 2/3, 3/3 of the maximum weight), the smaller the above error, the better.

4. Repeatability and stability

Repeatability, in fact, refers to the consistency between the results obtained by performing multiple consecutive measurements on the same measured object under the same measurement conditions, which is called the repeatability of the measurement results.

You can weigh out a small object first, remember the weighted value, wait for it to return to zero before putting it on the scale. Repeat three times to see if the values are the same. It also depends on whether it can be stabilized relatively quickly, whether the value will be large, and it can be stabilized quickly.

Satisfying the above conditions is a qualified and relatively good balance, which is suitable for purchase. I think that if the budget is limited, there is no need to worry about any brand. Many domestic balances also perform very well.

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