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Will You Use The Moisture Analyzer Correctly?

March 11, 2019

In recent years, with the superior product performance, the Moisture Analyzer has been accepted by more and more people. The moisture meter can be used to complete the measurement in a few minutes, especially in the fields of grain, meat and seeds. And in the laboratories and production of agriculture, forestry, rubber and other industries. In use, the use environment has a significant impact on the efficiency of the moisture meter, and the most suitable use environment should meet the following points:
1. The use of Halogen Heating Moisture Analyzer should not be installed in places with direct sunlight and high air humidity, and the indoor temperature should be higher than 5-40 °C.
2. The environment of the moisture meter should be avoided in the room with corrosive gas to prevent corrosion of the circuit and affect the service life of the equipment.
3, there are requirements for the power supply, should be avoided in the place where the power supply is unstable, it is recommended that you use an electronic voltage regulator.
In addition to the use environment, we should follow the instructions for the operation of the moisture meter. To ensure the standardization of the operation, the following points should be made:
1. In use, ensure that there is enough space around the moisture meter to avoid heat accumulation and affect the degree of testing.
2. When opening the drying unit, please note that since the heating element is also very hot, it should avoid contact with the body and prevent burns.
3. During operation, do not block the vent hole. Do not place flammable or explosive materials around the power supply after the power is turned on.
4. After using the moisture meter to test the sample, if you need to move the sample, you should take care to prevent burns.
In the case of poor reproducibility of the moisture meter test results during use, the user can refer to the following factors.
1. The console is unstable or the external environment is unstable. The solution to this problem is to replace the environment.
2. The temperature sensor is contaminated or damaged. Please clean or replace the temperature sensor at this time.
3. The sample boils and splashes continuously to change the temperature. Please clean the protective glass at this time.
4. The drying time is too short, and the drying time can be extended at this time.
5. The sample composition is uneven. If the sample contains different components, it is important to know that the more uneven the sample, the more samples are needed to obtain more repeatability.

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