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Analysis of the reasons why electronic balances do not display weighing data

August 12, 2019

Electronic balance, electronic balance price | Reason analysis of why electronic balances do not display weighing data. Shared by 0.01g electronic laboratory scales.

1. The sample has properties of water absorption, water discharge, electrostatic and magnetic. The correct use of weighing and microbalance can only be achieved by overcoming the above influences.

2. The desiccant's absorption and release of water form airflow in different directions, causing changes in air buoyancy, leading to unstable weighing. The desiccant in the weighing room should be removed to maintain a stable weighing environment;

3. 0.01g electronic laboratory scales is placed in a poor environment: environmental factors include vibration, airflow, temperature and external magnetic field. The above environment must be improved.

4. Left hand temperature in the weighing room: try to reduce this person as the factor;

5. The temperature of the weighed object is not equal to that of the balance: the sample is placed isothermal beside the balance.

6. Bad parameter setting in the menu of electronic balance: after loading into the menu, use "RESET" function to exit the menu correctly and return to factory Settings;

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How to calibrate the balance:

1. Set the balance to zero and hold the CAL key until CALint appears. The following conditions will be displayed on time.

2. Set the balance to zero

3. Internal calibration weights are loaded

4. Check the balance again

5. Balance report calibration process

6. Balance report has been calibrated

7. The scale automatically returns to the weighing state

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