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How to calibrate and install the 0.0001g scale?

September 02, 2019

How to calibrate and install the scale? Following the Analytical Balance supplier would like to share with us.

1. Ensure stable, vibration-free placement and as horizontal as possible.

2. Avoid direct sunlight, strong temperature changes and air convection. It should be placed on a stable counter in the corner of the room and protected from airflow from doors, Windows, radiators or air-conditioning vents.

3. Adjust the horizontal foot so that the bubble in the horizontal bubble is in the middle.

Note: each time the balance is moved, the blister needs to be readjusted.

4. When the balance is switched on, the monitor will display "OFF".

5. Press "ON/OFF" button, and the 0.0001g Analytical Balance will display all symbols and punctuation marks and then enter self-check. After passing, it will display "0.0000g".

Note: to give accurate results using grade I balance, the balance must be energized and preheated for more than 180 minutes (in OFF state only).

1.SmartGrid: unusual weighing feature, innovative grid scale, minimizes indoor air flow interference. Achieving the fastest weighing results significantly reduces the stability time of the balance.

2.SmartSens: realize balance operation without hand contact. Operators can concentrate on the safe handling of samples to avoid overflow and minimize the risk of contamination.

0.0001g 0.1mg magentic analytical scale

0.0001g 0.1mg magentic analytical scale

3.SmartSens infrared sensor :SmartScreen color touch screen guides the user to operate correctly, and the touch screen technology makes weighing operation extremely convenient.

4.LevelControl: the balance is not set to give warning, and the accuracy of the results is always guaranteed.

Connectivity: flexible communication interfaces -- including Ethernet, bluetooth (wireless connectivity) and PS/2 -- for efficient data collection and easy integration into the network.

3. Electrostatic removal device (optional): effectively neutralize the electrostatic charge absorbed by the sample to avoid sample contamination.

XP series Analytical Balance standard features: all models are provided:

1.SmartSens, no need to operate the balance by hand

2.SmartGrid, innovative grid scale

3.SmartScreen color display, touch screen to achieve comfortable operation

4.ErgoClips easily weigh components and securely hold all peeled containers

5.LevelControl balance has not been set to issue warnings

6. Automatic and detachable windshield


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