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How to choose electronic platform scale?

June 27, 2019

How to choose electronic platform scale?

Electronic platform scale:

1, according to principle: electronic scale mechanical scale combined with electromechanical scale

2, according to the function of the score: count scale valuation scale scale scale bluetooth scale

3, by use: industrial scale commercial scale special scale

4. Classification by location:

Table scale refers to the full weight of the electronic scale under 30Kg

Platform scale refers to the electronic scale with full weight within 30-300kg

Loadometer refers to the electronic scale whose full weight is more than 300Kg

5. Classification by accuracy:

Grade I: precision of special balance ≥ 1/100,000 reference scale

Grade II: precision balance 1/10,000 ≤ precision < 1/100,000 precision weighing apparatus

Class III: medium precision balance 1/1000≤ precision < 1/10,000 industrial, commercial weighing apparatus

Grade IV: ordinary scale 1/100≤ precision <1/1000 crude weighing device

100kg 1g Precision Weighing Platform Scale

6. Classified by data transmission mode:

It is divided into rs-232 / rs-485 radio frequency (rf2.4g) Analog signal (Analog) Ethernet network with USB interface

(1) how to use the monitor

1. Power on and preheat the power is plugged into the power socket, and the display enters the preheating period after power on. When the preheating ends, perform the following functions:

(1) when the weighing device is at rest and the load is less than 2%Max, the weighing device enters the "empty scale state", the cursor of the weighing device is lit and the display value is "0", then the weighing can be carried out.

(2) the actual weight value is shown when the weighing device is in unstable state or the load is greater than 2%Max.

Function of 2.

(1) empty scale tracking. When the weighing machine is in the static and stable balance state, the display automatically corrects the balance change caused by the change of external conditions at the speed of 0.5d/s. When loading, or weighing device by external conditions to make the balance change more than the balance tracking threshold, the function automatically stops, the corresponding cursor out. The maximum range of this function is: the starting time scale is "0" point, not exceeding the maximum weight of 2%.

(2) zero for empty scales. Weighing machine in the state of empty scale or load does not exceed a certain range, empty scale key display as "0". The scope of this function is the same as the air balance tracking function. 2 press the auxiliary key and then press this key, the display can remember the current empty scale state.

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