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What Is a Moisture Analyzer?

June 04, 2021

What Is a Moisture Analyzer?

Moisture analyzers are sometimes referred to as "moisture balances". They are instruments used to determine the moisture content of various samples. The drying program is highly customized, because different things reflect different types of drying programs, well, differently. The moisture analyzer is usually connected to a computer to observe and analyze the drying process and its effect on the sample. The test results can be saved in the memory of the instrument, and frequent test parameters can be repeated without repeated settings, saving a lot of time.

What is the purpose of the moisture analyzer?

Moisture analyzers are used for many different purposes in various industries. Here are some of the most common applications:

Food industry: Moisture control is crucial in the food industry. Excessive moisture can cause mildew or bacterial growth. Many products are sold by weight, so it’s important to ensure that customers don’t overpay for the weight of the water. Too little water will reduce the calorie content or dry out the food. Moisture affects taste, consistency, shelf life, appearance, etc.

Laboratory: Moisture analyzers are often used in quality control laboratories and other laboratories. Moisture analysis is used in many fields to determine the water content of crude oil, fuel, sewage sludge and many other chemicals, solids and liquids.

How does a moisture analyzer work

The moisture analyzer uses the Loss On Drying (LOD) method to measure moisture. In this method, the moisture analyzer weighs the sample, heats it up to dry, and then weighs it after drying. The weight after drying is subtracted from the previous weight, so the moisture loss is determined based on the mass loss.

Different analyzers use different systems to generate heat. Some moisture analyzers use halogens, and some use infrared or glass-free metal heaters placed on precision balances. The halogen moisture analyzer is fast, effective and responsive. These types of moisture analyzers are ideal for use, and there is no single setting to heat all samples uniformly.

Why should I use a moisture analyzer instead of oven drying?

Moisture analyzers are usually faster than ovens. They analyze, calculate, and weigh in the same instrument, so there are fewer steps in the process, which reduces the chance of error. From the beginning of the weighing to the weighing of the dry sample, there is no interruption in the data. The moisture analyzer is also easier to carry. If you have various laboratories or buildings, you need to transport the instrument there, which is ideal. They are also connected to a computer and are well adapted to data communication and analysis. The moisture analyzer can have multiple test methods, and you can save them for later use. They can be connected to a printer for added convenience.

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