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UV spectrophotometer-Daily Maintenance

August 13, 2020

Analytical instrument workers must understand the daily maintenance of the instrument and the simple test methods for the main technical indicators, and they often maintain and test the instrument to ensure that the instrument works in the best condition. Spectrophotometer Supplier teaches you how to maintain the UV spectrophotometer.

1. Temperature and humidity are important factors that affect the performance of the instrument. They can cause the corrosion of mechanical parts, reduce the finish of the metal mirror, cause errors or performance degradation of the mechanical parts of the instrument; cause the aluminum film of optical parts such as gratings, reflectors, focusing mirrors, etc. to rust, resulting in insufficient light energy, stray light, Noise, etc., even the instrument stops working, thereby affecting the life of the instrument.

It should be calibrated regularly during maintenance. There should be an instrument room with four seasons and constant humidity, equipped with constant temperature equipment, especially laboratories located in the southern region.

2. Dust and corrosive gases in the environment can also affect the flexibility of the mechanical system, reduce the reliability of various limit switches, buttons, and photoelectric couplings, and it is also one of the reasons for the rust of the aluminum film of the necessary parts.

Therefore, it must be cleaned regularly to ensure environmental and instrument indoor sanitary conditions and dust-proof.

2. After the instrument has been used for a certain period of time, a certain amount of dust will accumulate inside. It is best to have the maintenance engineer or under the guidance of the engineer regularly open the instrument cover to remove the internal dust, and at the same time re-tighten the radiators of the heating elements to prevent the optics The sealed window of the box is cleaned, the light path is calibrated if necessary, the mechanical parts are cleaned and necessary lubrication, and finally, the original state is restored, and some necessary inspections, adjustments and records are performed.

UV spectrophotometer

UV spectrophotometer

UV spectrophotometer-matters needing attention

1. The instrument should be placed in a dry room and placed on a firm and stable workbench during use. The indoor lighting should not be too strong. Do not use an electric fan to blow directly to the instrument in hot weather to prevent the bulb filament from shining and unstable.

2. Before using this instrument, the user should first understand the structure and working principle of this instrument, as well as the functions of each control knob. Before turning on the power supply, check the safety performance of the instrument. The power supply wiring should be firm and the power supply should be good. The starting position of each adjustment knob should be correct, and then turn on the power switch.

3. When the instrument is not powered on, the meter pointer must be on the "0" mark. If this is not the case, you can use the calibration screw on the meter to adjust.

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