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[Electronic balance for sale]Electronic floor scale cheating

May 24, 2019

Electronic floor scale cheating

Electronic Balance Manufacturer shares that electronic loadometer is set on the ground of the large scale weighing equipment, mainly used for vehicles and the measurement of goods, belongs to the national inspection equipment, plays a huge role in economic construction. However, at the same time, the phenomenon that lawbreakers use various means to cheat the loadometer to seek illegal interests is emerging one after another, which brings great losses to enterprises. This requires us to take effective measures to prevent and prevent electronic loadometer cheating, so as to protect our legitimate interests. Shanghai zanwei scale for you to analyze the common several electronic loadometer anti-cheating measures.

The limited company tells you to cheat on the electronic loadometer, one of the main means is to use tools to cheat, such as using wired or wireless remote control equipment to control and change instrument data, using magnetic field interference equipment to interfere with the normal work of the loadometer, change the instrument chip and parameters; One is manual cheating on the spot:

1. Not completely loading the pounds or loading more vehicles at the same time to increase or reduce the net weight of goods;

2. Change the goods when loading or unloading, and seek the price difference between different goods;

Electronic Precision Floor Scale

3. Falsely claiming goods and pretending to be customers to pick up goods;

4. Cheat on the vehicle to be weighed, add heavy objects to the vehicle, and discard the heavy objects after standby, so as to increase or decrease the net weight of the goods;

5. Change your license plate. Two vehicles with different tare weights will exchange license plates after passing the tare to pull goods with different prices, or one car will exit empty, taking advantage of the weight difference between the two wagons;

6. Add steel plates between the platform and the approach bridge or ridge supports between the platform and the foundation;

7. Internal and external collusion, internal and external theft. 8. The goods are replaced during transportation, and the quality is shoddy. , etc.

That's all for the sharing,and we supply electronic laboratory scales for sale, if you have any demand for our products,just feel free to contact us.

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