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Things To Be Aware Of When Using CO2 Incubator

February 15, 2019

The CO2 Incubator is a commonly used incubator for biological experiments. Therefore, different experiments have different requirements for the incubator. The Chinese chemical instrument network Incubator Supplier will take stock of the reasons forthe carbon dioxide incubator.

The carbon dioxide incubator uses two different carbon dioxide maintenance systems. One way is to mix carbon dioxide and air in a certain ratio and then blow it into the incubator by using an air pump. Another way is to turn on the carbon dioxide valve to charge carbon dioxide when an automatic carbon dioxide detection control system is detected that detects a lower concentration of carbon dioxide than the desired concentration. Since the former method consumes carbon dioxide and it is not easy to accurately control the concentration of carbon dioxide, the advanced carbon dioxide incubator uses an automatic monitoring system to maintain the concentration of carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide incubators are usually equipped with a water tray to maintain high humidity. The water in the water tray should be added regularly, and the water tray should be cleaned regularly to avoid the growth of microorganisms.

In order to reduce microbial contamination, some carbon dioxide incubators provide sterilization. Some can be heated to a higher temperature for sterilization, while others are sterilized by circulating air through an ultraviolet chamber, so that sterilization does not require interruption of cell culture.

CO2 Incubator

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