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Failure of balance sensitivity to reach technical index

September 11, 2019

Analytical Balance Manufacturer introduces the fault phenomenon that the sensitivity cannot reach the technical index Failure of balance sensitivity to reach technical index.

The failure phenomena, influencing factors and adjustment methods of the balance whose sensitivity cannot reach the technical index are as follows:

(1) the center of gravity is too high or too low. This can be done by lowering or raising the ball to adjust its position.

(2) knife, knife bearing collapse

Or wear and tear. Can be replaced knife, knife bearing.

(3) the environmental humidity is too high. Balance room should be dry, bright, temperature fluctuation is not big, prevent

Steam and corrosive gases enter the room, and the window opens northward. In order to avoid the electric scale precision balance between the two arms, the balance should be used around the balance

Proper method to separate the heat source, should be with heating, electric furnace, oven, lighting and other heat sources and large power exhaust fan, air conditioning and other electrical equipment

Keep a proper distance to avoid the single arm of the balance from cold and hot air.

(4) installation technical problems of various parts. Correct balance

The installation and use have a direct relationship with the metering performance and service life of the balance, and the metering error will occur when the metering performance is reduced, which will affect the metering

The results. Therefore, the balance should be placed in a smooth, firm, away from the wall of the cement table, if the surrounding environment vibration and can not be eliminated,

The balance should be placed on a counter with anti-vibration protection function to reduce the change of the balance and protect the blade. (5) null and full load sensitivity is not

300g 600g textile scale GSM scale

300g 600g textile scale GSM scale

Consistent failure:

Offline: full load sensitivity is lower than no load. It can be eliminated by raising the edge knife to make the three blades level.

(2) eat line: all

Load sensitivity is higher than no load. It can be eliminated by lowering the edge knife to make the three blades level.

(6) the sensitivity of left and right disks is inconsistent.

The friction force on both sides of the blade and the bearing is not consistent. The position of middle knife and bearing can be adjusted. Replace middle knife if it is badly worn. (2) as both sides

Knife length, hardness, sharpness is not consistent, should be replaced on both sides of the knife.

Matters needing attention

1. The analytical balance should be set in a room with even room temperature and installed firmly on the table to avoid vibration, moisture, direct sunlight and the invasion of corrosive gas.

2. Use the same analytical balance and matching weights for the same analytical work.

3. The load of electronic balance should not exceed the load. Objects should be placed in the center of the disk. Switch scales lightly. When adding or taking an object or weight, the lifting knob of the balance should be closed first. It is not allowed to add or take an object or weight when the balance is open to avoid damaging the edge of the balance by vibration.

4. Only tweezers can be used for adding or subtracting weights. The weights shall also be placed in a fixed position within the weight box (the Angle of the milligram shall be at the upper right of the box). The glass cover of milligram size should not be put out of order to prevent contamination and damage. Electro-optic machinery add weight balance, add, reduce weight should be slow add first gear first gear, prevent ring code to touch each other or jump down.

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