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The efficiency and accuracy of electronic balance

August 22, 2019

The efficiency and accuracy of electronic balance

The electronic balance produced is reasonably designed and reliable weighing results can be obtained in laboratories and workshops under normal conditions. But choosing the right setting environment can improve the work efficiency and the accuracy of measurement results.

Balance should be placed on a clean, dry, non - corrosive surface, away from vibration and turbulence. It should be noted that the ambient temperature of the scale should not change too much. The average ambient temperature fluctuation of mp series electronic balance and ja series electronic precision balance shall not exceed 5℃/ hour. The average ambient temperature fluctuation of fa series electronic analysis balance shall not exceed 1℃/ hour, and the temperature limit range is 20℃±5℃.

200g electronic balance ★200g  0.1mg precision balance

3kg 5kg 0.01g load cell lab scales precision balances

0.01g electric precision balance


How to extend the life of electronic balance:

1. Before weighing, the electronic balance must be cleaned with a soft brush. The balance is then checked for electronic level and the zero of the balance is checked and adjusted.

2. Special attention should be paid to the protection of agate blade during use. Rise and fall hub should be slow, do not make electronic balance violent vibration. When taking or putting objects, adding or subtracting weights and moving weights, you must hold up the balance beam to avoid damage to the blade.

3. The front door of the 0.01g electric precision balance shall not be opened at will. It is mainly used for loading and unloading, adjustment and maintenance. In the process of weighing, adding alkali weight can only open the left door and the right door of the balance. Weights and weights should be placed in the center of the electronic balance plate to prevent the plate from swinging. Chemical agents and samples must not be placed directly on the plate, but must be weighed in a clean container. For corrosive gases or hygroscopic substances, they must be placed in a weighing bottle

4. Forceps must be used to take the weight, and it is strictly forbidden to take it by hand to avoid contamination. The weights are taken one by one on the scale. The weights should be put back into the weight box after they are used up. When electric light balance adds a code automatically, also should add slowly from big to small first gear, prevent weight to jump fall, bump into each other.

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