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The halogen moisture meter is introduced in detail

July 29, 2019

The halogen moisture meter is introduced in detail

Moisture Analyzer is the general term for all instruments used to measure moisture content. It is mainly used to measure the moisture content in solids, liquids and pastes. According to different test principles, we can be divided into a variety of, among which the most common include halogen moisture meter. , Karl Fischer moisture meter and online moisture meter. These different moisture meters have their own advantages and their application range is not the same.

1. Halogen moisture meter: halogen moisture meter, as a new type of fast moisture detection instrument, is heated by halogen circular lamp and operated intelligently. It can quickly and evenly dry samples to obtain accurate moisture measurement results. Clear moisture measurement information display makes the instrument operation intuitive and simple. Halogen moisture meter is suitable for moisture detection of solids, particles, powders, gels and pastes.

2. Online moisture meter: online moisture meter is a kind of real-time online measuring moisture content of material moisture detection device, suitable for truck, belts, drying machine, mixer, screw conveyor, such as the real-time dynamic continuous measurement of moisture content of material is also applicable to the online moisture of raw materials testing, the online moisture detection in the process of production and product quality of online control.

3. Karl Fischer moisture meter: the Karl Fischer moisture meter has a wide range of applications. It is applicable to solid, liquid and gas samples.

Below we focus on the Halogen Moisture Analyser. The halogen moisture meter USES the advanced high precision electronic balance electromagnetic balance principle, supplemented by the high performance temperature control device, the annular heating tube and the mirror reflector, fast and stable. Accurately determine the moisture content of the sample. The moisture meter is fully functional and can measure automatically and manually. Compared with most existing ovens, it is fast and accurate.

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