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Effectively Handle Moisture Analyzer Failure

March 14, 2019

The Moisture Analyzer is an instrument for rapid determination of the moisture of the substance. The moisture meter consists of a heating system and a weighing system. The operation is relatively strong and not very complicated, but it also has very strict safety requirements. The online moisture meter is capable of detecting the moisture content of various organic and inorganic solids, liquids, gases and other samples. It is called a moisture analyzer. According to the measurement principle, physical measurement and chemical measurement can be classified into two categories.
If there is a problem in the use of the Halogen Moisture Analyser, the operator can refer to the following measures for treatment. The quality of the treatment will directly affect the use of the later equipment, and will also affect the effective service life of the equipment.
1. Pre-titration of fresh anolyte, drift too high:
1) There is residual water in the titration system, and the molecular sieve and silica gel in the drying tube can be replaced;
2) Check whether the electrode interface and the plug interface of the titration stand are tight;
3) Silicone grease can be applied at some loose interfaces as appropriate. 2. What is the reason why the standby titration drift is too high:
1) The water in the cathode pool penetrates into the anode pool through the diaphragm, and the anode pool electrolyte can be replaced;

2) adding a small amount of single-component volume method Calphenycene reagent to the cathode electrolytic cell for drying;

3) maintaining the liquid level of the anolyte higher than the liquid level in the cathode pool; 

4) Thoroughly clean the titration cell, remove the continuous side reaction caused by the sample remaining in the previous test, and check the tightness of the titration system. 

3. The color of the anolyte is not bright yellow, but between brown and dark yellow: 

1) The color is too dark, the electrode is less responsive to the electrolyte, and the double platinum needle electrode can be cleaned with a paper towel to remove the adsorbate on the surface; 

2) Check if the measuring electrode is connected normally;

3) The measuring electrode may malfunction.

Moisture Analyzer

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