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Reasons why laboratory equipment needs management and maintenance

December 11, 2019

Some instruments have low unit prices, many varieties, and large quantities, such as various ultrasonic oscillators, vacuum drying ovens, ultraviolet visible spectrophotometers, optical microscopes, and equals, which are suitable for basic inspection tasks. Frequent use will cause aging, which will bring a lot of work to the maintenance staff, and it is difficult to repair in time, which will affect the detection.

1. Users despise equipment maintenance

When repairing equipment, you will find that many faults are caused by human causes. There are two reasons for human faults:

â‘  The operator is unfamiliar with the use of instruments and equipment or violates the operating regulations;

â‘¡ The operator's sense of responsibility is not strong. The latter two cases often account for the majority. For example, when repairing the constant drying oven, some failures are caused by the operator's lack of responsibility and careful observation Before the water in the heating tank passed the heating tube, it began to heat, causing the heating tube to burst or the circuit to be burned. The same problem exists with magnetic stirrers.

2. Establishing equipment maintenance files is particularly necessary

With the continuous increase of current testing items, the type and quantity of test equipment are increasing year by year, and the value of equipment is getting higher and higher, but because the number of equipment maintenance personnel is limited to establishment or employment costs, it has not increased. How to get acquainted with these many kinds of equipment as soon as possible, understand the principle and operation method of the equipment, and be able to quickly deal with various faults is a difficult problem for each equipment maintenance staff. Establish and improve equipment maintenance files, and file each device. According to the requirements of the maintenance application, maintenance personnel learn about the condition of the instrument through the data in the file room, handle the failure in time, and keep the text of the cause of the failure, the treatment method, and the required amount in the text . Convenient for laboratory administrators to review equipment usage and maintenance costs when needed. Doing a good job of maintenance records and archives can provide a reference for instrument technical transformation and scrap identification.

Constant Drying Oven

3. There is pressure to update equipment in different laboratories

Unlike scientific research and testing units, purely third-party inspection laboratories often do not have the support of scientific research projects and cannot use scientific research funds to purchase advanced inspection instruments, resulting in longer service life of large-scale equipment, but at the same time, often capable laboratories, Updated higher-precision advanced equipment, such as 5kg precision balances, verified the capability of this, and tested whether the data of multiple laboratory tests are discrete. Often equipment purchased many years ago because the previous production process did not match the current inspection. The accuracy and precision of the data It is easy to deviate a lot from the average data.

The management and maintenance of laboratory equipment can not only improve the standardization of laboratory equipment management and further improve the effective utilization rate of laboratory equipment, but also strengthen the safety management of laboratory equipment, which is important for the successful completion of the test. . Establishing strict rules and regulations for the management and maintenance of laboratory equipment and instruments is of great significance for ensuring the quality of tests.

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