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Reasons for Discrepancies in Verification Results of Electronic Balances

October 20, 2020

Electronic balances are often used in laboratories. Electronic balances are different from ordinary electronic scales. The electronic balances used in the laboratory have very strict requirements on the environment. Therefore, the quality of the environment will directly affect the weighing results. The above are the reasons and solutions for the differences in the test results of the four lab electronic balances.

(1) Storage time:

The influence of the storage time of the balance in the verification room on the verification result of the balance is a problem that cannot be ignored. For the balance submitted for inspection, it is recommended to store it in the verification room for at least 24 hours before verification, so that the internal mechanical mechanism of the balance can reach a certain balance, and the temperature of the balance machine and the weighing chamber can be balanced with the ambient temperature.

Lab Electronic Balance

(2) Warm-up time:

The warm-up time of the balance is the key to ensure the stable value of the balance. The length of the preheating time is not only related to the verification scale value and the verification division number of the balance, but also related to the balance performance of each manufacturer. The balance should be preheated for more than 0.5h before verification, but what is the appropriate preheating time for more than 0.5h? At this time, it should be based on the requirements of each balance manual, and the balances preheating time is closely related to the accuracy of the balance. In general, the higher the accuracy of the balance, the longer the warm-up time. After reaching the preheating time specified in the manual, the verification can be started.

(3) Pre-compression:

The balance may enter the dormant state after it has stopped working for a period of time. In order to make the balance enter the working state as soon as possible, it is best to load it with weights many times before verification, otherwise the difference between the display value of the balance process and the return value will increase significantly. Don't care about the weighing result and zero return when loading.

(4) Reading time:

Whether the balance indicating value is stable or not is generally indicated on the display with a prescribed symbol. When the indicating value is stable, the stability indicator (or symbol) lights up, or the unstable indicator (or symbol) disappears. The stable range is generally adjustable in stages, and the setting of the stable range is inversely proportional to the stable indication time on the display.

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