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Operating guidelines for precision electronic balances

September 24, 2019

The electric scale precision balance belongs to the electronic balance with high precision in the electronic balance. The instrument is equipped with high-precision weighing, so the accuracy and reaction speed of the instrument are very high. The precision electronic balance is widely used in research institutes, laboratories, etc. To do quantitative analysis.

The principle of the precision electronic balance is to use the balance of electromagnetic force for weighing. Its weighing accuracy and reaction sensitivity far exceed the mechanical precision balance, but the precision electronic balance should be carefully maintained. It is very vulnerable to the outside world. Environmental, electromagnetic field, temperature, humidity and other factors, it is recommended that you pay attention to the relevant details in the use, in order to improve (the efficiency of the electronic balance, to ensure the accuracy of the weighing results. Electronic balance people use the electromagnetic force balance called the object gravity The balance is called an electronic balance. It is characterized by accurate and reliable weighing, fast and clear display, automatic detection system, simple automatic calibration device and overload protection. The precision balance supplier tells us to operate the precision electronic balance.

  •  Precision electronic balance instrument installation

1. Work environment: The electronic balance is a high-precision measurement instrument, so the instrument installation location should pay attention to:

The installation platform is stable, flat, avoiding vibration. Avoid the passage of direct air circulation. Electronic balances People use a balance that uses electromagnetic force to balance the weight of an object called an electronic balance. It is characterized by accurate and reliable weighing, fast and clear display, automatic detection system, simple automatic calibration device and overload protection. Avoid direct sunlight and heat, and avoid working in a large environment.

2. Balance installation: strictly follow the instructions of the equipment and equipment. An important instrument that is indispensable for the quantitative analysis of balance analysis, generally refers to 0.001g precision balance.

  •  Precision electronic balance use

1. Level adjustment: Before starting the balance, observe whether the blisters in the level of the balance at the back of the balance are in the center of the ring. Otherwise, adjust the anchor bolts of the balance, the left hand is raised, and the right hand is lowered.

2. Warm up: At least 30 minutes of warm-up time is required when the balance is turned on after the first power-on or after a long power-off. Therefore, the experimental room electronic balance should not be cut off frequently in the normal case.

3. Weighing: Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the display; wait for the instrument to self-test. When the display shows zero, the self-test process ends and the balance can be weighed;

  •  Precise electronic balance attention

1. In order to use the balance correctly, please familiarize yourself with the status of the balance:

In the upper right corner of the display indicates that the display is in the off state;

In the lower left corner of the display indicates that the instrument is in standby mode and can be weighed;

A diamond logo appears in the upper left corner of the display: indicates that the microprocessor of the instrument is performing a function , and no other tasks are accepted at this time.

2. The balance has been rigorously calibrated during installation, so it is not easy to move the balance, otherwise the calibration work needs to be repeated. An electronic balance is used to weigh the mass of the object. Electronic balances generally use strain gauge sensors, capacitive sensors, and electromagnetic balance sensors. The strain gauge sensor has a simple structure and low cost, but has limited precision.

Place the weighing paper and press the Tare button on both sides of the display to peel the skin. When the display shows zero, weigh the weighing instrument and weigh the reagent. Weighing is finished, press the ON/OFF button to turn off the display.

3. Do not use weighing (Weighing paper directly weighs! After each weighing, please clean the balance to avoid contamination of the balance and affect the weighing accuracy, and affect the work of others .

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