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Guide to maintenance of electronic weighing apparatus

July 04, 2019

Guide to maintenance of electronic weighing apparatus shared by the Precision Balance Supplier.

Electronic weighing apparatus is a digital weight measuring instrument with electronic apparatus. It is composed of: weighing sensor, A/D conversion, single chip microcomputer, display drive, keyboard circuit, multifunction interface circuit, ac/dc/charge/storage/voltage regulator circuit. The phenomena and causes of various faults are various.

1. Don't weigh

First check the internal code, check the zero bit and load (such as half load) internal code. If zero has no internal code and half contains internal code, the zero position of the sensor is low. See 10. If the compensation is invalid, the sensor shall be replaced. If there is no internal code, it is sensor fault or AD circuit fault. See 8 for the determination method. Note: if the AD circuit is severely damaged, resulting in no sensor excitation voltage, the sensor output voltage cannot be measured. If the internal code is normal, consider the correction data loss, try to do the correction. If you have linear correction, please do linear correction.

2. Unstable weighing

When reading beats, have priority to observe without sensors, pound touch foreign body situation, when there is a pit type electronic balance particularly prone to touch when installation, then check that the power supply, also can appear when the voltage is too low. And instability, a battery products, can try to remove the battery, directly by the power adapter, or transformer, second, damp was one reason why beat reading, please check the electronic parts and sensor sign be affected with damp be affected with damp.

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3. Unable to start

First check the power supply, for the type of machine with a fuse, please check the fuse, if it is battery powered, try to unplug the battery directly by the adapter or transformer power. Switch machine to distinguish between not on or not show, turn on, buzzer if the sound, not to show, but not turn on.

4. Poor display

Take the same LCD and connect it to the LCD of PCB, and then observe whether the display is normal. If it is normal, replace the LCD. If the fault is the same, consider the false welding or damage of LCD.

5. Bad keys

You can use tweezers directly for short circuit testing. If matrix keyboard testing is difficult, you can directly try to change the keyboard.

6. It can't be weighed to full load

Usually for the pound table to touch foreign matter or sensor failure.

7. The battery cannot store electricity

Usually for the battery aging, change the battery can, of course, also may be the charging circuit fault.

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