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How to Eliminate Static Electricity From Analytical Balances?

March 31, 2020

For laboratory researchers, the accuracy and precision of the weighing of experimental instruments are very important, but there are often small factors that affect the accuracy of weighing. Some analytical balances use the principle of electromagnetic force balance to achieve weighing. Although the measurement accuracy and sensitivity exceed traditional mechanical precision balances, they are easily affected by external temperature and electromagnetic environment, so we are using Attention must be paid to improve the weighing accuracy. In daily life and work, various reasons can lead to the generation of static electricity.

The most common cause of static electricity is the contact and separation of two materials. And similar to the movement of people, the handling of items, the placement of tools, etc., the existence of daily activities will inevitably produce static electricity. There is static electricity. If there is static electricity, this gravity may not have a great impact on daily life. When applied to an analytical balance with an accuracy of 0.1 mg or higher, the effect is obvious. Unstable readings and poor repeatability of the measurement results can cause deviations in the analysis results.

In the weighing work, the objects to be weighed, containers, tools for accessing the items, clothing of personnel, and various items that have friction, contact, and separation will generate static electricity, especially some low-conductivity materials, such as plastic, glass and other containers And operators wearing chemical fiber clothing. This phenomenon is especially evident when the relative air humidity in the working environment is low: the test tube mouth will attract dust; the operator is close to the balance with a stable reading, and the analysis balance table reading will change greatly and cannot be stable; the weighing result Inaccurate. Therefore, more and more balance manufacturers and users begin to pay attention to some solutions for analysis and weighing in the electrostatic environment.

Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance

Let's take a look at some tips to keep your analytical balance away from static interference and achieve accurate weighing:

1. The most direct way to avoid the static electricity is to increase the humidity. The environmental humidity is about 70%.

2. If the item to be weighed has static electricity, remove it and then weigh it.

3. Before using the balance, the user can touch the wall to remove static electricity from the operator.

4. In addition to maintaining the humidity in the environment where the analytical balance is used, the ground wire of the analytical balance must be well connected to effectively avoid the generation of static electricity.

5. To quickly eliminate static electricity, you can also use a metal sample tank. However, if it is not possible to choose a weighing container, such as filter paper weighing, you can use a special weighing chamber, such as a half-height weighing chamber, a special metal weighing table, etc., which can eliminate static electricity and reduce airflow influences.

6. Use a static eliminator to eliminate static electricity to ensure that the weighed items are insulated.

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