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The Correct Use And Maintenance of Electronic Balances (Below)

March 20, 2020

Precautions for electronic balance operation

The electronic balance is a very precise weighing instrument. Whether the user can use it correctly directly affects not only the accuracy of the weighing result, but also the normal performance of the electronic balance.

1 Choosing the right electronic balance

When we choose a balance, the first thing we need to consider is whether there is a special requirement for the accuracy of the symmetrical quantity. We must avoid using an inaccurate balance for weighing as much as possible, and we also need to avoid using an excessively accurate balance. Weighing results in wasteful use. In addition, when choosing a balance, in addition to considering accuracy, you also need to consider whether the measuring range can meet the needs of weighing. Because according to the specific use situation, the selection of the range should also be based on the application, not the larger the better because the same accuracy of the balance, the larger the range, the higher the requirements for the balance sensor and auxiliary equipment, and the more expensive the price.

2 Correctly install 0.01g lab electronic balance

Choose a room that is dust-proof, shock-proof, moisture-proof, and temperature-resistant as the balance room. For balances with higher accuracy, you should also use it in a constant-temperature room. Secondly, the balance should be placed on a solid and reliable workbench, and the appropriate position should be selected for easy operation. Before the balance is installed, check whether the components are complete and intact according to the complete set of the balance; carefully clean all the components of the balance. When installing, you should refer to the instruction manual of the balance to correctly assemble the balance and adjust the level. After installation, check whether the installation of each part is normal again, then check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements of the balance, and then plug in the power plug.

3 Warm up

Before starting to use the electronic balance, it is required to warm up for half an hour to one hour. If you use it multiple times a day, it is best to leave the balance on all day. In this way, the electronic balance can have a constant operating temperature, which is conducive to the accuracy of the weighing process.

4 calibration

The electronic balance should be calibrated regularly from the first use. If used continuously, calibrate approximately once a week. Before calibration, the electronic balance must be warmed up for more than 1 hour and calibrated. The calibration should be performed according to the prescribed procedures, otherwise the calibration will not work.

5 Correct operation

When the electronic balance is being weighed, you should use each control key and function key correctly; select the best integration time, correctly grasp the reading and printing time to obtain the best weighing result. When using the tare key for continuous weighing, pay attention to the overload of the balance. The balance door should be closed during the weighing process. After using the electronic balance, close the balance and door cover, cut off the power, and put on the dust cover.

0.01g Lab Electronic Balance

0.01g Lab Electronic Balance

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