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How can an electronic balance be used to improve its accuracy?

April 24, 2019

How can an electronic balance be used to improve its accuracy?

Electronic precision balance Manufacturer is an electronic balance with high precision in electronic balance, with built-in high-precision weighing sensor, so its accuracy and sensitivity have been improved, and it is widely used in the quantitative analysis work in laboratories, research institutes and other places. We all know that the electronic precision balance is the use of electromagnetic force balance principle to realize weighing, although the measurement precision and sensitivity than the traditional mechanical precision balance, but because of this day easy affected by the outside temperature, electromagnetic environment, etc, so we have to pay attention to some details, when using in this way can we improve the weighing accuracy.

Precautions for use of precision balance:

1. Fully preheat before use, generally more than 30 minutes. The higher the accuracy of the balance, the longer the preheat time.

2. Calibrate with standard weights before use, and select corresponding weights for different accuracy scales.

3. Keep away from heat source and high electromagnetic field.

4. Should be a constant indoor temperature, and is better to 20 ℃ or so.

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5. The relative humidity in the working room should be between 45% and 75%.

6. Fixed time readings shall be taken after loading, if they are all read at the display value of 5 seconds after loading or displayed in units.

7. Take the average value of multiple measurements (3~5 times).

8. The room should avoid direct sunlight, the best choice of shade room or shading method.

9. Precision balance should be far away from the source, such as railway, highway, vibration machine and other vibration machinery, when it is inevitable to take anti-seismic measures.

10. The working room should be clean to avoid the influence of air flow.

11. Adjust the level bubble to the middle position before use.

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