[Electronic Balance China]Usage precautions of electronic balance for testing moisture

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Usage precautions of electronic balance for testing moisture shares by Electronic Balance for sale China.

Electronic balance moisture test note: fast portable electromagnetic moisture sensor, must be calibrated before use, the test sample to guarantee a certain thickness, can meet the needs of electromagnetic penetration, and try to avoid the interference of electric and magnetic field, to control the temperature and humidity of the test environment: the oven test method to use the precision for the balance of 0.001 grams, general is one of the more common for the photoelectric analytical balance or dedicated electronic balance. Sampling must be dispersed in different locations, the total amount of about 50 grams, oven temperature of 100-105 degrees. In addition, to correctly grasp the constant weight of the sample, how to calculate the paper sample to reach the constant weight? In general, the mass difference between two adjacent measurements is less than 0.0002 g, which is considered to achieve constant weight.

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