How Are Precision Balances Used And Maintained?

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Precision Balance refers to the balance of electromagnetic force to balance the gravity of the object.

Precision balance in the purchase,  what matters should pay attention to when use and maintenance?

1. When choosing, it is necessary to consider the accuracy level, especially whether the absolute accuracy meets the accuracy requirements of weighing, rather than the relative accuracy.

2. When purchasing, please consider whether the maximum weighing meets the requirements of the range.

3. The precision balance shall be calibrated when it is used for the first time. At the same time, when the precision balance is stored for a long time, the position moves and the environment changes, it also needs to be calibrated.

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4. The precision of precision balance will not be affected by long-term weighing, but the premise is that it must be within the range of precision balance, and the operation of the balance cannot be overloaded.

5. Avoid vibration, airflow and sunlight when using the electronic balance.

6. Precision Balance Supplier suggests to preheat the precision balance before use, and adjust the bubble of the level gauge to the middle position.

7. When weighing volatile and corrosive articles, the precision balance cannot be directly weighed, but should be placed in a closed container for weighing.

8. Timely maintenance of the slow precision balance, found the problem timely repair.

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