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Brief Description and Working Principle of High and Low Temperature Test Chamber

February 19, 2020

Humidity test chamber is a necessary test equipment for aviation, automotive, home appliances, scientific research and other fields. It is used to test and determine the temperature and environmental changes of high temperature, low temperature, or constant test for electrical, electronic and other products and materials. Parameters and performance.

The high and low temperature test box is used to simulate the product under the combined climate and temperature and humidity conditions (high and low temperature operation & storage, temperature cycling, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity, condensation test, etc.), and is used in the defense industry and aerospace industry. Automotive parts, electronic and electrical components, instruments, materials, plastics, chemicals, food, pharmaceutical industry and related products of heat resistance, humidity resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and quality management engineering test specifications. Under the environmental conditions, test whether the adaptability and characteristics of the product itself are changed.

Efficient Temperature Test Chamber

Efficient Temperature Test Chamber

High and low temperature test chambers can be generally divided into programmable high and low temperature test chambers (touch screen / button type), single-point high and low temperature test chambers. It is used to test the material structure or composite material tolerable under the continuous environment of extreme high temperature and low temperature, so as to test the chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The applicable objects include metals, plastics, rubber, electronics, etc., which can be used as the basis or reference for the improvement of its products.

The refrigeration system of this test box uses a cascade refrigeration system composed of imported compressors. The refrigeration system has the advantages of reasonable matching, high reliability, convenient use and maintenance, etc. After the refrigerant is expanded by adiabatic expansion valves to perform work, the refrigerant The temperature decreases. Finally, the refrigerant absorbs heat isothermally from the higher temperature object through the evaporator, so that the temperature of the object to be cooled is reduced. This cycle is repeated to achieve the purpose of cooling. The design of the refrigeration system uses energy regulation technology. An effective treatment method can ensure that the energy consumption and cooling capacity of the refrigeration system can be effectively controlled under the normal operation of the refrigeration unit. The adjustment reduces the operating cost of the refrigeration system to a more economical state.

Five major factors affecting electricity consumption in an efficient temperature test chamber.

Many customers may feel that the power consumption is too large when using the constant temperature and humidity test box. In fact, the large power consumption is not only caused by the equipment itself, but also caused by daily use errors and other aspects.

Five factors that affect the electricity consumption of the constant temperature and humidity test box

1. Keep the constant temperature and humidity box in a cool and ventilated place and keep it away from the dry environment. When placing the device, leave appropriate space around the device for cleaning and heat dissipation. Because the higher the environment around the small constant temperature and humidity box, the more power the device consumes.

2. Always check the tightness of the sealing strip of the equipment. If the sealing strip is deformed, it will affect the tightness of the closed wire and cause the leakage of cold air, which will increase the power consumption of the equipment.

3. After using the constant temperature and humidity test box for a period of time, many frosts may be generated. Once the frost cannot be defrosted regularly, it will affect the refrigeration effect of the equipment. Excessive power consumption will also cause some damage to the compressor of the equipment.

4. Whenever opening the door of the box, when the cold air is exposed and the hot air is invaded, the compressor must be started again, and the number and time of opening the door should be minimized when the sample is accessed, and the opening and closing actions should be fast to avoid current loss. 5. Always pay attention to cleaning the small constant temperature and humidity box. The surface of the compressor and condenser should be cleaned every two to three months. The more dust accumulates, the worse the heat dissipation effect is, and the greater the power consumption. To cut off the power, wipe it with a damp cloth.

In daily use, paying attention to the above five points can effectively reduce the problem of large power consumption of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber. I hope this knowledge can help our customers.

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