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What Industries Are Uv-Visible Spectrophotometers Used In?

September 15, 2020

This article talks about the magical effect of an environmental testing instrument that uses ultraviolet spectroscopy as an environmental testing method. Ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer is a rapid test. Easy-to-use detection instruments are widely used in various industries. Let's take a look at which industries are using UV-Vis spectrophotometers.

1. Application of UV-Vis Spectrophotometer in Air Pollution Monitoring

Although the UV spectrophotometer has many advantages, it also has its own limitations. It cannot monitor particulate pollutants because it is difficult to monitor and analyze the aerosol components in air pollution, but can only monitor the gaseous state of air pollutants. To monitor pollutants, monitors can monitor the ozone content in the atmosphere, observe and record relevant data, use this to analyze and determine the state of the atmosphere, and obtain data on whether the atmosphere is destroyed, which can provide a certain amount of atmospheric pollution. Data basis.

2. Application of UV-Vis Spectrophotometer in Water Pollution Monitoring

Water body eutrophication is the main situation of water body pollution. Excessive N.P content in water causes further deterioration of the water quality environment. For the monitoring of water body pollution, the main two detection methods of N and P are started, and analyzed and determined by using an ultraviolet spectrophotometer.

3. Application of UV-Vis Spectrophotometer in Soil Pollution Monitoring

The UV-Vis spectrophotometer can detect the heavy metal content in soil pollution sources. In the industrial production process, companies will discharge various polluting heavy metal waste water and waste, and the soil itself contains certain heavy metal components. The effect of the two causes the soil quality to decline. Therefore, the UV-visible spectrophotometer can mark the heavy metal content in the soil, which can effectively repair the soil and reduce the burden on the soil.

4. Application of UV spectrophotometer in organic pollution monitoring

Organic pollution is a relatively serious pollution problem in environmental monitoring. Especially for water pollution, the complex composition of organic matter and its variety makes it difficult to achieve ideal qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic matter. In the current detection of organics in water bodies, the comprehensive indicator COD monitoring is mostly used. The traditional detection method is mainly to reflux the excess organics, and then perform backdrop detection on the remaining components in the system after two hours. Although this detection method can accurately detect As a result, the complicated detection method requires professional detection personnel and is relatively time-consuming; if the UV spectrophotometer is used to detect the COD of the water body, it can not only exert the ideal monitoring effect, but also effectively overcome the time-consuming problem of traditional detection. In addition to the methods that can meet the comprehensive index measurement, the UV spectrophotometer also has the measurement method for the category indicators, such as the organic matter petroleum, aniline, volatile phenol, etc., using the environmental protection UV spectrophotometer of Polychuang to measure, can reach Ideal detection effect.

UV spectrophotometer

UV spectrophotometer

5. Application of UV-Vis Spectrophotometer in Food Monitoring

In our country, food safety has always been regarded as the top priority. Under such vigorous monitoring and supervision, food safety incidents still occur frequently, causing great concern in the society. For this reason, Juchuang Environmental Protection recommends the introduction of ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometers. For food safety testing. The UV-Vis spectrophotometer can quickly determine the food with a single ingredient and the same color, and can accurately and efficiently determine the absorbance value of the food.

Since different foods have different absorption spectrum curves, the UV-Vis spectrophotometer can detect the content of related substances in the food through the peak of the special wavelength in the absorption spectrum of the substance and the change of the waveform. For example, when testing compound preservatives and compound umami taste agents in food, the UV-Vis spectrophotometer can be used well, which can better eliminate illegal additives that should not be used in food.

UV-Vis spectrophotometer can be used to detect protein, NDA and other biomolecules in food, and scientifically and accurately detect the content of different components in food.

6. Application of High accuracy UV spectrophotometer in metal pollution

Heavy metal pollution refers to environmental pollution caused by heavy metals or other heavy metal compounds. It is mainly caused by human factors such as mining, industrial waste gas discharge, factory sewage discharge and other human factors. The increase in the content of heavy metals in the environment caused by human activities has been serious. Exceeding the standard has directly endangered human health and has led to the deterioration of environmental quality. Heavy metal pollution involves elements such as Pb, Hg, and Gr. These elements will accumulate in the organism. When the elements accumulate to a certain level, they will cause the body to be poisoned. So how to effectively monitor the content of heavy metals is to effectively prevent people from being poisoned. The key point is that in the actual monitoring of heavy metal content, ultraviolet spectrophotometer is used to determine the content, and the determination is carried out in strict accordance with my country's relevant heavy metal composition and content limit standards. Once the heavy metal content is found to exceed the standard, it must be dealt with in time.

7. The UV-Vis spectrophotometer can be used in conjunction with other instruments

In the actual environmental monitoring, the determination of certain specific pollutant components. Can not rely solely on UV spectrophotometer for measurement, it must be combined with other instruments, such as the combination of polytron ion chromatograph, polytron liquid chromatograph and spectrophotometer, which not only improves the sensitivity of pollutant detection, but also guarantees Check the accuracy of the data.

8. Combined application of high-sensitivity reagents for ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer

Adding high-sensitivity reagents to the UV spectrophotometer can further improve the detection quality of pollutant monitoring. Therefore, in the actual detection process, the sensitivity reagents can be selected according to the actual situation.

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