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Tips For Judging The Quality Of An Electronic Balance

April 30, 2021

Tips For Judging The Quality Of An Electronic Balance

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Electronic balances are used to weigh objects. Therefore, the quality of the electronic balance itself is very important. There are many brands of electronic balances on the market, and there are countless imported domestic electronic balances. Therefore, only one can judge the quality of an electronic balance. Good or bad skills can find the one that suits you among many products.

First of all, it is necessary to measure the performance parameters of an electronic balance: accuracy, stability, linear accuracy, repeatability, and sensitivity.

1) Stability: Medium stability can be divided into: instantaneous stability and long-term stability (creep). Instantaneous stability means that the value displayed after the balance is placed on the test object is displayed immediately and remains unchanged. Long-term stability: It means that the electronic balance does not change much in the ambient temperature, and the weight of the same supplementary test object will be maintained for a long time after being energized in different time periods. The smaller the difference of the above parameters, the stable performance of the electronic balance.

2)Linear accuracy refers to the accuracy of each point of the electronic balance in the weighing range. The electronic balance is composed of several weighing points within the weighing range. The more weighing points you measure, the better you can buy. An electronic balance with poor quality is only accurate at the calibration point, other weighing points may have a large difference, and each weighing point can be measured by a standard.

3) Repeatability refers to the weight of the same measured object, repeated weighing several times, each time the difference between the values is displayed. The smaller the difference, the better the electronic balance.

4) Sensitivity refers to the resolution and the time limit of the resolution. Resolution refers to the verification division value e or display resolution d. The smaller the value, the better the electronic balance (super high sensitivity).

5) Service life: Service life refers to the expected period of use by an enterprise, or the number of products or services that the fixed asset can produce or provide.

The longer the life, the better the electronic balance. Customers can propose features such as the warranty period of the electronic balance to the supplier to measure the life of the electronic balance. The larger the weighing range of the electronic balance, the higher the accuracy, the larger the size of the weighing pan, and the higher the cost. I hope that everyone can weigh and choose the product that suits them. We should choose a better balance for weighing. Only when we start weighing accurately can we lay a good foundation for future work. So please don’t ignore the weighing steps.

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