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Three Keys To Electronic Analytical Balance

March 28, 2019

As a high-tech enterprise, Analytical Balance Supplier timely participates in the relevant meetings of the weighing equipment association, timely attention to the latest standards of the weighing equipment association, is now the weighing equipment association to convey the use of electronic balance of the three key points to share with you:

1. Preheat in advance. Electronic balance before use usually requires preheating, and preheating time tend to balance each different, generally speaking, balance of accuracy degree is higher, the preheating time is long, can according to the requirements of the instruction manual for preheating scales and, when necessary, can prolong preheating time (usually the environment temperature is lower, preheat the longer). In fact, many users are usually on - the - fly days, this is not guaranteed balance measurement performance. Therefore, the preheating of electronic balance is the key to the accuracy.

                        0.0001g 0.1mg magentic analytical scale

2.Horizontal state. The electronic balance with high accuracy is equipped with level adjusting device and level device. In fact, some users often neglect to check the horizontal state of the balance (electronic balance due to movement or other reasons, often resulting in four corners uneven or not level, etc.) this is also the main cause of inaccurate balance data.

3. Calibrate the Analytical Balance at any time. Some people think that electronic balance is accurate in the period of validity after periodic verification, but often ignore the importance of calibration, or even do not carry out calibration. However, due to the change of environmental conditions and human factors, the measurement performance of electronic balance often changes slightly, which requires us to calibrate it in daily use. So how do we calibrate? The electronic balance shall be calibrated daily or before each use and the frequency of calibration may be increased if necessary. In theory, the higher the grade, the better the calibration weight. Generally, the weight error should be no more than 1/3 of the maximum allowable error of the balance, and it should be sent to the quality supervision department for regular inspection. If the error is found to exceed the standard, it should be sent to the quality supervision department for inspection in time, so as to avoid losses and harm to consumers.

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