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Measures to prevent electronic loadometer cheating

June 05, 2019

Measures to prevent electronic loadometer cheating

Precision Balance Manufacturer for electronic weighbridge cheating methods, we adopted the following anti-cheating measures:

1. Choose manufacturers with good quality and reputation when purchasing loadometer, so as to prevent weighing inaccurate due to the quality problems of loadometer itself and bring losses to themselves.

2. Check and check the sensor of the loadometer regularly to see whether it is wired or dragged on the ground, and then see whether there are other objects on the sensor.

3. After weighing the number, whether there is a base on the display, if it is one or two display index value is common, mainly to see whether there is a base after the car scale.

4. If the digital pulse of the instrument display is severe after rain, the junction box can be opened first to check whether there is water. If there is water, the figure will beat, dry with a hair dryer, if there is no water, there may be interference by the remote control, their own check out the case can consult weighometer maintenance personnel, or manufacturers after-sales service personnel.

Precision Balance Manufacturer

5. Use single-use sticky RFIC CARDS to restrict vehicle license plate changes. In the original IC card vehicle management mode, further lock one vehicle one card work essence. Once the IC card is torn off, it cannot be used, thus fundamentally solving the cheating behavior of changing the license plate. 6. Infrared shooting device is added and installed at both ends of the loadometer. When the vehicle does not stop completely or is too close to the rear vehicle, the system will automatically prohibit weighing and alarm prompt. 7. Add camera capturing device, so that the company can clearly understand the vehicle situation in the pound room. Meanwhile, the scene photos captured during weighing can be called and viewed at any time. 8. Adopt the monitoring equipment inside and outside the pound room to monitor in real time, so as to effectively curb the above cheating behaviors. 9. Use appropriate truck scale weighing system. For example, the unmanned truck scale system can realize the unmanned operation of the pound house. The driver swips the card and does not get off the car. At the same time, the whole process is captured by automatic camera. Such a system can be said to completely eliminate the division of pound personnel and driver collusion cheating behavior; The software can also record the time and specific content of each step of data modification, which is convenient to call and view the modification at any time in the future management process, so as to effectively prevent the cheating behavior caused by password leakage of the administrator.

With the progress of science and technology, criminals cheating means increasingly complex and diverse, concealment and technology is becoming more and more strong, electronic loadometer anti-cheating struggle difficulty is also becoming more and more, this determines the electronic loadometer cheating and anti-cheating fight, will be a long and arduous process. We should be ready to play a protracted war, always not slack, multi-prong together, constantly improve the level of electronic loadometer to prevent cheating, so as to reduce our economic losses and ensure the safety of funds.

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