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Laboratory electronic balance operation precautions

November 26, 2019

As the most basic equipment for weighing in a microbiology testing laboratory, a balance should be selected according to the different requirements of the weighing object and the accuracy of the weighing, and according to the laboratory's own conditions. A balance that weighs the mass of an object by electromagnetic force balance is called an electronic balance.

(1) Before installing the electronic balance, check whether the components are complete and intact according to the balance list. Then, carefully clean all the components of the balance, first use a brush to remove dust and packaging debris from the host, and then wipe with a clean and soft gauze to clean the host, and wipe the inner and outer frame walls of the air hood with gauze to The hood is clean and the glass is bright. The weighing pan and tray support should also be cleaned.

(2) The heart of the electronic balance—gravity electromagnetic sensor reeds are easily damaged, so special care should be taken to protect them in use. Do not load objects on the balance beyond its weighing range. Never press the weighing pan with your hands or drop the balance to avoid damaging the balance or changing the performance of the gravity sensor. Remove the weighing pan and pan support during handling and transportation.

(3) There must be certain conditions and requirements for the balance room. Generally speaking, the smaller the range, the higher the accuracy of the balance. The higher the requirements for the balance room, the basic requirements of the laboratory balance room are: dustproof, shockproof, dampproof, preventing excessive temperature fluctuations and excessive airflow. Keep it at 17 ℃ ~ 23 ℃, keep the relative humidity at 40% ~ 60%, avoid direct sunlight or uneven heating. The electronic balance with high accuracy is required to be used in a constant temperature room.

(4) After the electronic balance is installed, do not rush to turn it on. Check again that the components are installed correctly. The voltage of the balance should match the local voltage, that is, check whether the power supply voltage is 220V, and then insert the power plug.

Laboratory Balance

(5) Before using the electronic balance, a warm-up time of more than 30min is required. If the balance is to be used several times a day, it is best to leave the balance on all day. Only in this way can a constant operating temperature and accuracy be achieved inside the electronic balance.

(6) If the electronic balance is used continuously, it must be calibrated frequently. Calibration weights must be used for calibration. Some balances have standard weights. The calibration process is performed automatically, and some are performed manually using external calibration weights. Before calibration, the electronic balance must be turned on and warmed up for more than 30 minutes, and adjusted the level.

(7) The electronic balance is a precision electronic measuring instrument that is highly sensitive to the environment. It should be operated carefully when used, and there should be no obvious vibration on the work surface. If these conditions cannot be met, some improvement measures should be taken, such as changing the place of use, installing windshields, etc. At the same time pay attention to adjust the bottom angle screw to center the bubble of the level indicator, the balance is not adjusted level is also one of the reasons for weighing errors.

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