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Improve The Accuracy Of The Moisture Analyzer

March 04, 2019

In general, the Moisture Analyzer measures a typical sample in a few minutes, the detection result is accurate, and the detection efficiency is much higher than the oven method, avoiding the error caused by the artificial factor to the measurement result. In addition, the moisture meter has the advantages of wide moisture range, high precision, clear display, rapid measurement, stable performance, reliable index, etc. It can be carried on site for rapid detection.

In the actual use of the moisture meter, various problems will be encountered, as the user should learn how to handle it correctly. Common problems include:

1. After the instrument is turned on, the display remains black: no voltage; the power cord is not connected; the fuse is blown; the instrument is damaged.

2. The measurement time is too long: The measurement mode selected in the operation is not suitable. It is recommended to try to replace a suitable operation mode.

3. Cannot be heated after starting the test: The heating unit is overheated and the thermal overload protection function is activated. The heating unit can be turned off.

4, poor repeatability:

1) The console is not stable: please apply a stable console.

2) The temperature selected is too high or the sample is oxidized: the drying temperature is lowered.

3) The temperature sensor is contaminated or damaged: please clean the temperature sensor.

4) When the protective glass is eroded, the heating amount cannot be fully exerted. Please clean the protective glass.

5) Samples are not uniform: for example, they have different compositions, and the more uneven the sample, the more samples are needed to obtain better repeatability results.

6) The selected drying time is too short: extend the drying time or choose the appropriate Halogen Heating Moisture Analyzer off mode "weight loss per unit time".

Moisture Analyzer

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