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How To Check The Fault Of The Electronic Scale

March 04, 2021

How To Check The Fault Of The Electronic Scale

1. There are many components on the main circuit board of the electronic balance, and many failures may be caused by the disconnection/collision of the pins of the precision balance supplier, and the burnout of the components. Therefore, when the electronic balance fails, the circuit board can be inspected first through intuitive vision, hearing, smell, touch and other senses. In addition, this method is also effective for some mechanical failures.

2. Through the electronic balance circuit to measure the working voltage of the component pin and compare it with the normal value, it is found that the voltage value is too large, which is caused by the abnormal component.

3. Through a part of the circuit short circuit, and then use the test results of an oscilloscope or a multimeter to determine the point of failure.

4. By disconnecting a part of the circuit, and then measuring the resistance, voltage and current with a multimeter, the point of failure can be determined.

5. With the help of the instrument, test and compare a good electronic balance and a bad electronic balance under the same conditions and components. The difference is often the point of failure.

6. For general maintenance of electronic balances, you need to prepare some components such as sensors, power supplies, circuit boards, keyboards, etc. If some components are suspected of being damaged, replace them with the prepared ones, and then observe whether the results are normal, and if they are normal, replace them correctly.

7. There is an electronic balance system failure. The electronic balances of some precision balance manufacturers have a self-check function, so using the self-test function of the system is also a method. 8. According to the characteristics of the fault , the fault range of the electronic scale is detected in sections until the fault is found.

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