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An Introduction To Counting Scales

July 21, 2021

An Introduction To Counting Scales

Counting scale is a multifunctional weighing machine that can be used for counting and weighing objects at the same time. Typical applications include checking weighing, checking the weight of objects against a pre-set limit to performing accurate parts counting procedures to reduce manual counting. There are many sizes of counting scales, which can be used on the workbench or on a floor respectively. Ideal for quality control center, retail warehouse, production facility and factory environment.


How does the counting scale work?

As mentioned, the counting scale not only weighs, but also counts many pieces in a lot. It does this by using a sample weight (either the first piece or a weight you enter yourself via the keyboard) and the total weight divided by the weight of the sample.

Don't forget, the scale is calculated by dividing the total weight by the sample weight. So you cannot use screws and bolts of different weights to get the correct results. It only applies to items that all have the same weight.

Counting scale


How are counting scales useful?

Counting scales are especially common in quality assurance departments and retail distribution warehouses to check the number of pieces before being approved for dispatch. In addition, other manufacturing companies such as printers, CD manufacturers, metal workers and plumbing supply companies often use counting scales. For example, plumbing supply companies can count the number of copper fittings they leave in the box, or update their hardware quantity, without having to manually count each fitting. They are also very useful for inventory, manufacturing and packaging. Not only do they allow you to check the quantity of a pile of clothes, but they also allow you to create clothes that always have the right amount of material, and are great for counting large amounts of the same material.

Counting scales can also count coins or tokens when closing the store, or calculate the total, helping to reduce waste when filling packages and containers. The main benefit of owning a counting scale is to save time and money.


Are there any additional functions for the counting scale?

The full numeric keypad allows the user to enter various sample weights. The size of the internal memory is also useful, especially when you have to calculate many different items; it allows you to recall the sample weight with the keyboard instead of constantly re-weighing the same item. Accumulation is another useful feature, especially for small-capacity scales, or if you don’t want to put all your inventory on that scale. Accumulating the results allow you to store and box the items while keeping your count. We are Counting Scale Suppliers. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.

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