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What Are the Components of a Balance?

May 08, 2020

A balance scale is a tool used to weigh mass. One end of the scale is a weight. A metal block or piece of metal is placed on one end of the balance as a weight standard. At the other end is a tray for the items to be weighed.Modern balance, more and more precise, more and more sensitive, more and more kinds. As we all know, there are general scales, precision scales 0.01g, constant analytical scales, micro analytical scales, semi-micro analytical scales, and so on.Let's look at the details.

The components of a balance

Common plate balance is mainly composed of column, beam, hanging system, base and brake device.The column is fixed vertically on the base to support the beam.The lower part of the column is provided with a dividing plate, and the top is provided with a bracket to support the beam when the balance is not working.There is a central knife in the middle of the beam.When the balance works, the middle knife is used on the knife support connected with the top of the lifting rod as a fulcrum.There are two edge knives on both sides of the middle knife, which are used as the focal point and the point of force respectively to bear and transfer the load.There is a pointer on the bottom of the crossbeam under the middle knife. The weight of the center of gravity is fixed on the pointer, which can be moved up and down to adjust the position of the center of gravity of the crossbeam. It plays the role of adjusting the sensitivity of the balance.

Precision Scales 0.01g

Precision Scales 0.01g

The top of the beam is engraved with a graduated scale, on which there is a mobile game code.At both ends of the beam there is also a balance nut for the no-load balance position of the adjustable balance.

The hanging system includes a small hanging ring, a hanging plate frame and a scale plate.The hanging plate rack is hung on the hook of the small hanging ring, and the two edge knives can bear the weight of the weighing plate and the weight of the weighed object through the small hanging ring.

The base is equipped with two spiral adjusting feet to adjust the level of the balance, and a leveling device is arranged on the base to show the levelness of the balance.Adjusting the level is to avoid the weighing error caused by the balance not being level.

The brake device is mainly composed of switch knob, switch shaft and eccentric CAM (or connecting rod).Turn the knob to make the CAM (or eccentric connecting rod) deflect a certain Angle, can make the lifting rod in the column move up and down, through the middle of the knife bearing will beam up or down, in order to open or close the balance. Components of display power amplifier:

The weighing display and the components of the power amplifier are also the key parts of the balance. In order to meet the market's requirements for the weighing accuracy of the electronic balance, the general position detector is composed of a highly sensitive far-infrared luminescent tube and a symmetrical photosensitive battery, which converts the load on the balance plate into an electrical signal output.This structure ensures that the weak signal is amplified and the sensor works quickly and stably.

The weighing plate is generally made of 304 stainless steel. The weighing plate is of multiple specifications (generally square and round weighing plates with different thickness) and is installed on the weighing sensor of the balance. It is the bearing device for the weighing of the balance.It has a certain geometric shape and thickness, mainly round and square.The sensor is one of the key parts of the best digital scale 0.01 gram accuracy. It is composed of the shell, magnetic steel, pole boots and coil, and is installed under the scale plate.

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