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Maintenance manual of balance

June 13, 2019

Maintenance manual of balance

I. maintenance of balance by Laboratory Balance Supplier

1. The balance room shall be kept clean, tidy and dry, and shall not be washed, repast or smoked in the room.

2. Should often clean the scale plate, shell and wind cover, generally with clean silk cloth dip a little ethanol wipe, can not use strong solvent. After the balance is cleaned, the desiccant without erosion should be placed in the frame and replaced on schedule.

3. If abnormal conditions are found after the balance is turned on, the balance should be immediately closed, and the power supply, wiring, fuse, switch, move the door, be weighed, control method and so on to do the corresponding inspection. In short, in the maintenance of the balance, the use of staff should be careful to ensure the integrity of the equipment.

4. The balance shall be kept and maintained by special personnel, and a technical file bag shall be set up to store copies of bills of use, verification certificates, test records, and timely records of maintenance and inspection.

Ii. Standard use of the balance

1. Choose the right balance

To choose the balance, we should consider that the scale and agility of the balance should meet the requirements of the scale, and the structure of the balance should adapt to the characteristics of the work. The principle that chooses balance is to want to assure balance not to send overload and damage already, also want to assure weigh to reach necessary and opposite correct degree, want to prevent to weigh with the balance with correct degree insufficient, lest correct degree does not accord with a requirement; It is also important to prevent the misuse of the balance of high accuracy resulting in extravagance.

Laboratory Balance Manufacturer

2. Install the balance accurately

Want to choose above all dustproof, shockproof, moistureproof, the room that prevents temperature fluctuation serves as balance room, to the balance with correct taller degree still should be used in constant greenhouse. Secondly, the balance should be placed on a solid and reliable work table, and the appropriate position to be placed, so as to facilitate the operation of the balance. Before the installation of the balance, check whether all parts are complete and intact according to the complete list of the balance; Carefully clean all parts of the balance. At ordinary times of the installation day, the balance should be accurately assembled and calibrated with reference to the imitated scale of the balance. After the installation, the department should check again whether the installation is normal, and then check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements of the balance, and then insert the power plug.

3. Preheat the balance

Before you start using the balance, you should preheat it for half an hour to an hour. If want to use for many times in a day, had better let balance open all day. In this way, there can be a constant operating temperature inside the balance, which is conducive to the correctness of the weighing process.

4. The calibration

The balance should be calibrated regularly from the first use. If used continuously, calibrate roughly once a week. Before calibration, the balance must be preheated for more than 1 hour after starting up, and check the level. Calibration should be in accordance with the defined procedures, otherwise it will not play the role of calibration.

5. Accurate manipulation

When the balance is weighed, each control key and function key should be used accurately. Select the best integration time, accurate reading and printing time to get the best weighing results. When using the peeling key to continuously weigh, should pay attention to the balance overload. The balance door should be closed during weighing. After the balance is used, close the day and the door cover, block off the power supply and put on the dust cover.

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