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W&J brand new automatic internal school analytical balance has a large touch color screen, five-sided fully transparent glass windshield. Using a new generation of electromagnetic force sensor, stable performance, small error. The balance has functions such as counting, multi-unit conversion, tare, zero tracking and so on. Fully automatic internal calibration, simple operation. Built-in RS232 or USB interface, you can connect to computers, printers and other equipment.

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  • The design of W&J  can be truly personalized, depending on the customer specifying what they want. Factors such as pattern and color can be manufactured separately for each customer.

  • 1. Model: WA-Y

2. Accuracy: 0.01g

3. Capacity: 100g/200g/300g/500g/600g/1kg/2kg/3kg/4kg/5kg/6kg

4. Repeatability: < = 0.02g

5. Linearity: < = 0.02g

6. Outline (L×W×H): 192×270×90 mm

7. Pan: 165×175mm (from 2kg to 6kg) Or 130×130mm (from 100g to 2kg), stainless iron 304

8. Display: Big LCD (white back-light) (L×W) 4.3"×1.5" (11×4 cm)

9. Interface: Rs232C

10. Power: AC/DC (Dry Battery)

11. Units: g, kg, oz, ct, lb,...

12. More functions:  Counting, Percentage, Full Range Tare, Over-Load Protection, Zero Tracking, Automatic Turn-Off, Under Weighing, Low Power Indicator

13. Attachments: english manual, adapter, calibration weights, under hook (Optional)

14. Speed: 2 s

15. Value stable time: <= 2s

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  • FAQ

  • 1.6.How long do you offer for after-sells services

  • 12 -24 months. We can also provide lifetime maintenance.

  • 2.7.How about the shipping

  • Express Courier door to door, Airline and Ocean transportation

  • 3.1.Why choose us

  • Our company began independent research and development and production of analytical balances in 1998. The main advantage products are analytical balances, laboratory balances and precision balances. The monolithic sensor has been successfully developed. In 2010, we independently developed moisture analyzer, and it was also the first domestic manufacturer to produce and market. At present, the domestic market share of moisture analyzer exceeds 40%. We company began producing viscometers in 2011, and sales have grown steadily every year. The company develops and launches new products every year. All products provide high-quality after-sales service while ensuring high quality. At present, the products have been sold in more than 100 countries and regions.Expecting faithful cooperation with you to advance towards and build a brilliant future together.

  • Advantages

  • 1.The company has a complete quality system certification ISO14001, ISO9001

  • 2.Good product quality, reasonable price and high cost performance

  • 3.Fast delivery speed, stable delivery time

  • 4.The company independently develops and designs new products, and its technology is in a leading position in China. It has a rich product line, including analytical balances, laboratory balances, moisture analyzers, viscometers, acidity meters, etc.

  • About W&J

  • W&J Instrument is a professional manufacture and sales of various electronic balances, moisture analyzers, viscometers and laboratory instruments. After nearly 30 years of development, we have developed and produced various high-precision laboratory analytical balances with accuracy 0.1mg, 0.001g, 0.01g, etc.. We have passed ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System certification. In the past 3 decades of years, we have provided more than 300,000 laboratory precision analytical balances with excellent quality to more than 10,000 enterprises and institutions in the chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, food and colleges. We also provide customized electronic balances/ laboratory scales with special functions according to customer needs. With the development, we have introduced other series of laboratory instruments to the market, such as moisture analyzer, rotary viscometers, pH meters, etc. We are also the first company in China research and develop rapid moisture analyzer independently. At present, we are still committed to researching and developing at least one new product each year. Since the establishment of the international trading department in 2014, we have promoted our products to various regions around the world. Our products have been sold to more then 100 countries. And establish a long-term stable cooperative relationship with multiple customers, provide customers with solid and strong support. W&J Instrument has passed ISO, CE(Lvd), CE(EMC), ROHS certification.

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