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Electronic balance weighing unstable solution

May 06, 2019

The following electronic balance supplier China summarizes several common unstable weighing results of electronic balance:

(1) the sample water content increases or loses

The sample may be volatile or absorb water, which may cause the actual mass of the sample to increase or decrease. In this case, our general solution is to use a small vessel. In this way, the moisture in the sample is not easy to evaporate, making the weighing result more accurate.

(2) electrostatic phenomena of samples and containers

Static electricity may also cause unstable weighing of electronic balance. Materials with high insulation (such as most glass or plastic weighing containers) are easy to be electrostatized. At this time, we can consider using metal containers. Make the repeatability of weighing better.

(3) magnetization of samples and containers

The magnetization of both the sample and the container may mislead the balance into thinking that the force it is subjected to is due to the gravity of the sample. Therefore, we often need to do demagnetization operation when using iron ware.

30kg 0.1g commercial scale laboratory table balance

(4) position of the balance

The placement of the balance is very important. The best place for us to place the electronic balance is in one corner of the house, while the room is better with only one hole and the door closed when we use it. Zanwei brand electronic analytical balance is generally equipped with a windshield, but if there is a wind blowing, or the shaking of the laboratory table, will make the electronic balance reading unstable. The correct position of the balance is equivalent to half of the breakdown of the electronic balance.

(5) sample and container temperature

Temperature has a great influence on the weighing result of electronic balance, so the electronic balance of zanwei brand is generally required to work in a room with constant temperature, while the sample or container obtained from the laboratory may be unstable due to too much difference between the temperature and the environmental temperature of the electronic balance. The high-end balance of zanwei brand will have automatic calibration in general, if it is the balance of a foreign school, manual calibration is required when the temperature changes. This is also an important step to solve the problem of electronic balance.

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