[Analytical Balance for sale]How to calibrate and install 1/10000 scale?

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How to calibrate and install 1/10000 scale?Shared by Precision Balance Manufacturer.

1. Ensure stable, vibration-free placement and as horizontal as possible.

2. Avoid direct sunlight, strong temperature changes and air convection. It should be placed in a secure corner of the room and protected from airflow from doors, Windows, heat sinks or air conditioning vents.

3. Adjust the horizontal foot so that the bubbles in the horizontal bubble are in the center position.

0.0001g分析å¯Â†åº¦æ Â‡åº¦

Note: the blisters need to be readjust every time the balance moves.

4. When the balance is switched on, the display will display "OFF".

5. Press "ON/OFF" button, the balance will display all symbols and punctuation and then enter the self-test. After passing, it will display "0.0000g", that is, it will pass the self-test and enter the weighing working state.

Note: the accurate results must be weighed by class I balance, and the balance must be electrified and preheated for more than 180 minutes (OFF).

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