Model 723PC visible spectrophotometer, an analytical instrument commonly used in physico-chemical laboratories to make quantitative and qualitative analysis of specimen materials in the near ultra-violet, visible spectral range, finds much scope for its service in such fields as medicine, clinical examination, biochemistry, petrochemical industry, environmental protection and quality control.

This product is an economic analysis instruments.with RS232 output. Excellent photometric precision instruments higher than the same file.Widely used in medical testing,food,petrochemical industry,environmental protection and monitoring,and other fields

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Optical System: Single beam, 1200lines/mm ruled grating

Spectral Bandwidth: 3.8nm

Wavelength Range: 325—1100nm

Light  Source: Tungsten Halogen Lamp 12V/20W (14546)

Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.5nm

Reproducibility: ≤0.2nm

Wavelength Readout: 4 place LED digital display

Stray Light: ≤0.1%(T) at 360nm、420nm

Photometric Range: 0-100%T, -0.097-2.000A, 0-1999C(0-1999F)

Photometric Accuracy: ±0.5%T

Power Requirement: AC110-240V

Dimensions: 40X31X20cm

Weight: 13KG

Packing: 58X46X31cm

Attachments: English Software   

Packing List

1 One spectrophotometer

2 One power cord

3 High-performance matching glass cuvettes 1cm

4 Spectral Analyst Software (PC Workstation) One set

5 Data package (operation manual, warranty card, product qualification certificate) one set

6 USB/RS232 data cable one set

7 High-performance 1cm 4-piece test rack (built-in) one set


1 5cm 8 rack (multifunctional test rack) can hold 0.5-5cm cuvette, 8 positions, one set

2 5cm 4 racks (multifunctional test rack) can accommodate 0.5-5cm cuvettes, 4 sets

3 High-performance micro cuvette 30-50ul, 1 set per set

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