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Does the Humidity Control of Analytical Balance Need to Put Desiccant?

October 24, 2019

In theory, it is best not to put a desiccant in the balance. First, it will cause environmental differences between the inside and outside of the balance; more importantly, the humidity in the balance will decrease, and static electricity will be generated when the glassware is weighed, and stable readings will not be obtained, especially in winter.

In the past analytical balances, the interior of the photoelectric balance was a weight, and the moisture (especially the weight) caused inaccuracies in weighing. Now the principle of electronic balance is pressure sensor, which keeps the temperature stable by power on. If the humidity and temperature inside the balance are different from those outside, will the weight inside be the same as those outside?

The electronic balance cannot be used with a desiccant when using an accuracy of 0.01 mg. Due to the presence of the desiccant, a slight air flow is generated in the balance, so that the balance cannot be stabilized. The inside of the balance should not be too dry, because too dry will cause static electricity.

In a word, the first: the electronic balance has installation requirements, the ambient humidity must be less than 65%; second: there is no clear stipulation  that desiccant must be put in the electronic balance; third: the balance inside and outside the humidity and the air specific gravity is different, easy to cause data fluctuations.

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